The total Liberal meltdown over Trump continues…

US elites fearing Civil War.
US elites creating conditions for Civil War.

The global Liberal meltdown has been so severe that henceforth they shall permanently exist in the liquid state and not the solid one.

For Liberals, Orwell’s 1984 came…
…in India in 2014.
…in UK in 2015.
…in US in 2016.
May come to France and Netherlands in 2017.

He will drop out.
He can’t get a ticket.
They’ll cancel his ticket.
He can’t win.
He’ll be stopped.
The delusion continues…
He will be impeached!

For decades Left was manipulating the masses and winning.
Now Left is fighting the masses and losing.
Endgame nigh.

Before 2014, global Liberals won most of their wars.
2014 and after they have lost all their major wars.

Anti-Trump rally.
A—I’m protesting immigration. You?
B—Me? Climate change.
E—I’m just protesting!

One day a real Trump administration scandal will come and the tired masses will simply tune it out.
Media will move to the next umpteenth fake scam.

Everyone thinks that Trump is the Apprentice.
What they don’t know is that from now on, everyone in Washington DC is an apprentice.

People power pushed Modi Brexit Trump.
You can fight Modi Trump but not the people.
That’s why Left is losing spectacularly.

In 8 days Trump got more attacks than Obama in 8 years despite the latter spectacularly achieving nothing.

Trump supporters euphoric.
Trump Haters furious.
Not alarming really.
The Presidency is going on expected lines.

As an Indian citizen, I would hate it if certain power lobbying groups tried to thrust a certain amount of immigrants into India.
Don’t see how US-EU should be different.

America is generally an aggressive warlike nation.
Trump Haters are pretending that they are angels and only Trump is the problem.

Trump keeps using “we” and “America”.
Obama keeps using “I”, “me” and “myself”.
Media analysis: Obama is selfless, Trump an egomaniac.

Obama embraced Communism and appeased terrorism.
Trump is embracing Capitalism and opposing terrorism.
That’s progress.
Liberals won’t get it.

Obama kept using executive power to get his way over everything.
Liberals loved it.
Now screaming as Trump does the same.

The BBC on their usual one-sided quest of going after Trump instead ended up embarrassing their own Prime Minister.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The Climate Change fraud…

The Climate Change debate had more to do with politics and less with science.
So why are you surprised that the debate has suddenly changed?

Climate will change with or without humans.
It’ll change on Earth and Earth-like planets.
Climate Change isn’t a fraud.
The debate is.

If tomorrow humans became extinct would climate become static forever?
It would change and keep changing.
Tells you the stupidity of the term Climate Change.

Read: The climate talks fraud and why India won’t do much

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Pappini, Pappu and other stories…

Pappu/Pappini: Mere paas (SPG cover ki) gaadi hai, (Lutyens) bangla hai, bank balance hai… aur maa bhi hai! Tere paas kya hai?
Modi: Mere paas woh sab hai aur us ke saath kaam bhi hai!

Rajiv ¼ of Indira.
Sonia ¼ of Rajiv.
Pappu ¼ Sonia.
Pappini (Priyanka) ¼ of Pappu.
So the Pappini Raj begins in the Congress!

The woman who does nothing, achieved nothing and is nothing.
But for the party and media is everything.

Any senior leader…
100 times more political achievements than Priyanka.

If Priyanka is like February 29 coming every 4 years, then media is like “365 24X7″: Any time ready to elevate and legitimize her!

Congress: We will double our power with Priyanka’s entry!
Problem: Pappu = 0. Pappini = 0.
0 X 2 = 0.

The fall.
Yesterday: Priyanka will get us a majority in 543 Lok Sabha seats!
Today: She will get us a majority in 105/403 UP Assembly seats!

Sonia’s Top 10 ruining India?
Look the other way.
Modi’s Top 10 trying to bring change?
Highlight some random Sangh leader’s remark 24X7.

Breaking news headline…
Politics of hate erupts in Uttar Pradesh!
So, that means Akhilesh’s Goonda Raj was spreading love for 5 years?

A man who is full of rhetoric and has no substance claims that #Budget2017 is full of rhetoric and has no substance.

A Tale of Two Pappus.

Congress doesn’t need mass leaders but managers*: Krishna.
(*=managers of the Dynasty’s egos)

West Bengal went from Centre Left (Congress) to Left (CPM) to far Left (Mamata).
Truly Left Bengal.
Or like the Eastern Bloc, spiritually East Bengal.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.
AAP Wars Final Episode: The Last Jhadu.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

January 2017 Status Updates

Akshay Kumar…
3 100 crore hits every year.
Aamir Khan…
1 all-time blockbuster every 2 years.
Salman Khan…
Consistently giving mindless masala blockbusters since 1989.
Hey! My name is also Khan!

(January 31)

India needs a lot of fiber in its broadband diet.

(January 27)

Real achievement was Independence.
Republic Day was just a completion of bureaucratic formalities.
That we celebrate Republic Day greater than Independence Day itself tells a story.

News—Nesta Carter tests positive for dope.
Result—Jamaican men’s 4X100 relay Olympic gold medal forfeited.
Headlines—Usain Bolt stripped!

(January 26)

Half the conspiracy theories in this world are true.
The only problem is we don’t know which ones.

(January 24)

Congress banned.
DMK nodded.
ADMK didn’t do enough.
Still Modi was targeted at protests.
Akela jaagega, baaki sab soenge?

(January 23)

Women are doing the worst in politics.
How many successful women politicians not part of a dynasty?

(January 21)

Mulayam-Akhilesh are still father-son.
This has been a smart #SurgicalStrike on Amar Singh, Azam Khan and Shivpal Yadav.

(January 17)

Typical Arnab handle!
As of now @republic is being followed by 75K+ but is following exactly Zero people!

(January 13)

Priyanka Vadra is part of Congress Reserve Forces.
Has fun all the time and is recalled only for Election Duty. (Campaigning)

2008: First Parsi to head Land Rover since 20th century.
2017: First non-Parsi to head Tata Group since 20th century.

(January 12)

Sequence of events…
1. Editors sold out.
2. Reporters didn’t fight.
3. Marketing department took over.
4. Owners got complete charge.

(January 10)

Looks like the brain cells of the entire Opposition has been #Demonetized.

(January 6)

In the last 10 years, India is the only country to have won all 3 ICC trophies and claimed the ICC No. 1 rankings in all 3 formats of cricket multiple times.

(January 2)

These versions by Sunil Rajguru