Har ek insaan maange azaadi…

Modi Haters maange azaadi from Modi Raj.

Mainstream media maange azaadi from social media.

Social media maange azaadi from mainstream media.

Pappu maange azaadi from actual work.

Sonia maange azaadi from Swamy.

Jaya also maange azaadi from Swamy.

Bihar maange azaadi from Lalu after just voting for him.

Nitish also maange azaadi from Lalu after just joining hands with him.

Right wing maange azaadi from #AdarshLiberals.

#AdarshLiberals maange azaadi from Right wing.

Delhi maange azaadi from Kejri’s nautanki for actual governance.

Apolitical JNU students maange azaadi from all these distracting non-stop azaadi slogans to just concentrate on their studies.

© Sunil Rajguru

How to prop up naqli heroes to rubbish the asli hero…

Step 1: Always ignore whatever good work Modi does and magnify his bad work, even writing fiction.

Step 2: Make Pappu hero. When that fails…

Step 3: Make Kejri hero. When that fails…

Step 2: Make Advani hero. When that fails…

Step 4: Make Pappu hero again. When that fails again…

Step 5: Make Kejri hero again. When that fails again…

Step 6: Make Hardik hero. When that fails…

Step 7: Make Pappu hero yet again. When that fails yet again…

Step 8: Make Kejri hero yet again. When that fails yet again…

Step 9: Make Kanhaiya hero. When that fails…

Step 10: Make Pappu hero for the umpteenth time. When that fails for the umpteenth time …

Step 11: Make Kejri hero for the umpteenth time. When that fails for the umpteenth time …

Step 12: …Kanhaiya’s successor coming soon. Watch this space.

(Then of course back to Pappu and Kejri after that ad infinitum.)

© Sunil Rajguru

Thus spake the Communist…

josef-wissarionowitsch-stalin-161780_640I condemn Hitler who sent 11 million to concentration camps, but love Stalin who killed millions more and simply adore Mao whose actions may have led to the killing of 70 million.

I condemn Capitalism which sometimes keeps about half the population in poverty but recommend Communism which abuses, tortures and impoverishes 99.9% of the population every time.

I condemn democratic Capitalistic leaders with a lot of power but worship Communist despots with absolute power.
When 100% of mainstream media, intellectuals and writers happen to be Communists, I call it neutrality. But I absolutely froth in the mouth when 1% of social media leans Right and call it severe bias.

I ignore a murder committed by a Communist leader and scream from the rooftops if a Right leaning leader has even a baseless allegation hurled at him.

I’m an atheist so I hate the Christian-Judaism-Hindu Right but I curiously approve of the Muslim Right. Don’t ask me why. Nothing I do makes any sense anyway.

© Sunil Rajguru

Even Kanhaiya preferred to Modi…

Always clutching at straws…
What’ll stop Modi?
2011: Courts?
2012: Pappu?
2013: Advani?
2014: Kejri?
2015: Disruptions?
2016: Kanhaiya?

From “Bandook ke dum pe lenge Aazadi” to “Bail ke dum pe lenge Aazadi”.
‪#‎Kanhaiya‬ ‪#‎HC‬ ‪#‎JNU‬

Empire began in 1526.*
Ideology began in 1848.**
Culture began in 1858.***
Civilization ended in 2014.
***British Raj

No politician has done so much harm to India and been attacked so little by the media and so called intellectuals.

2013: Media attacking Modi, Twitter attacking Congress.
2016: Media attacking Modi, Twitter attacking Congress.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The Pappu conundrum…

Nehru signs accession treaty with Kashmir.
JNU students say Kashmir not integral part of India.
Nehru’s great grandson stands with JNU students saying Kashmir not integral part of India.

Indira breaks Pakistan into two.
JNU students stand with Pakistan.
Indira’s grandson stands with JNU students standing with Pakistan.

Rajiv captures Siachen.
JNU students abuse Siachen heroes.
Rajiv’s son stands with JNU students, not Siachen heroes.

Sonia MP when Parliament is attacked.
JNU students praise Parliament attacker.
Sonia’s son stands with JNU students praising Parliament attackers.

© Sunil Rajgur

Discipline, not sedition, the real issue in #ShutDownJNU

Do you have the right to scream, “Kashmir ko milegi azadi” non-stop in your neighbour’s house? He has every right to kick you out. His right to privacy is greater than your right to speech.

Can you go into your boss’ cabin and start shouting “Bandook de dum par azadi” repeatedly? He has every right to sack you. His right to conduct his business is greater than your right to speech.

Can you stand in the middle of the road and scream “Bharat ki barbadi tak, jang rahegi, jang rahegi” in front of a car for even five minutes? The driver has every right to call the traffic cops and chase you away. His right to drive the road is greater than your right to speech.

Can you go outside a residential complex in the middle of the night and shout loudly, “Afzal Guru amar rahe” for an hour? The society has the right to call the cops and send you packing. His right to peace is greater than your right to speech.

Similarly even if students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) keep disrupting their premises and hold processions round the year shouting apolitical things like: “Banana ko milegi azadi” or “Apple ke de dum par azadi” or “Mango ki barbadi tak, jang rahegi, jang rahegi” or “Baingan amar rahe”, don’t the authorities have the right to kick them out on the basis of gross indiscipline?

Don’t the authorities have a right to maintain decorum in the campus? Don’t they have a duty to give the best education to all the students? Don’t other students have the right to peace and the right to be apolitical? Doesn’t actual studying precede everything else?

Which business establishment, school and residential colony in India tolerates the kind of nonsense that went on in JNU recently where students went on the rampage and shouted anti-India slogans non-stop? What is so special about students of JNU? Don’t they have to follow the same decorum and duties that the rest of India observes?

Which educational university in the world will tolerate such kind of nonsensical behaviour? Students have been expelled for far far less.

There’s no end to it. If someone wants to glorify Afzal Guru one day, it may be Ajmal Kasab the next, Mao the day after that and then Stalin… There’s no shortage of causes from Palestine to Syria to Climate Change to the European refugee crisis.

There are umpteen student unions and what if everyone if them wanted to take up all the causes? Academics could be disrupted 24X7, 365 days a year. Rights of students and their university problems one can understand, but what is the purpose of bringing things to a halt over a terrorist who has been convicted by the Supreme Court and his pardon turned down by the President of India?

Another point being missed is that freedom of speech and expression does not mean you can say “anything” “anywhere” at “any time”.

It means that you can say “anything” “somewhere” at “some time”.

For example if you book a private hall you are at liberty to say anything in front of the audience. If they are offended, then they can leave and you have a right to speak in front of an empty hall.

But here’s the thing. If the very same people who are supporting the JNU students find what you are saying is not to their liking, they will expect the police to stop you from speaking and if you continue then they will support arrest. What is more alarming is that if a crowd came and bashed you up, they would support the crowd.

For them, the rights of the mob suddenly become greater than your right to speech.

Again you are free to write whatever you want in a book. What if the book offends you? Writer Salman Rushdie said that in that case all you had to do was simply close the book and throw it away.

Again, the very same people who are supporting the JNU students would expect the authorities to ban the book and if a crowd came and bashed you up, they would support the crowd.

These very people say: If the freedom of speech is to my liking, then you can disrupt proceedings as much as possible. I have a right to offend.

These very people add: If the freedom of speech is not to my liking, then you should be arrested by the police and beaten by the crowd. You don’t have a right to offend.

This hypocrisy is what is totally killing debate in India today.

My freedom of speech is absolute.

Yours comes with umpteen terms and conditions.

That’s the real problem with the JNU students. Their conduct is such that they can be easily expelled. But then if they did that they would go on the rampage and get full support from the so-called liberals, intellectuals and seculars of India.

So the issue is not freedom of speech. It is the freedom of violence that our students have earned through their political masters. That is what has to be curbed. In that direction, the arrest of the students of JNU is an extremely positive step and now the university can get down to becoming a real centre of learning and a world class university!

JNU students definitely have FoE or “Freedom of Expression”, but subject to the rules of the university. If they don’t like the rules then they are free to quit the campus and agitate 24X7 all their life elsewhere.

The JNU authorities also have another FoE or “Freedom of Expulsion” and if they exercise it judiciously, then sanity will return to JNU and we won’t have any need for the police to enter their premises.

© Sunil Rajguru

JNU and Indian Army musings…

If you can’t respect/appreciate/admire the Indian defence forces, at least don’t insult/abuse them.
They’re merely following government orders and protecting every citizen of India.

National Defence Academy is 100% national.
Jawaharlal Nehru University is anti-national.
JNU confers degrees to NDA pass outs.

War? Call the Army
Conflict? Call the Army
Flood? Call the Army
Riot? Call the Army
Punching bag required? Call the Army.

Indian Communism…
…died in trade unions in the 1980s.
…died in politics in 2014.
…first nail in coffin in universities in 2016.

Communism has killed hundreds of millions in cold blood.
In India it led to Naxalism, Maoism, WB and Kerala violence.
But Communism is most outraged when a single student can’t scream “Bharat ki barbaadi”.

Support Terrorist. OK.
Support Modi. –> Sparta!!!

There is only one real demand and message from this whole fiasco…
JNU maange azaadi!
(Independent Communist Educational Republic)

Why this nation is divided and protesting…
BJP rules the Lok Sabha.
Congress rules the Rajya Sabha.
The Left rules the Government Universities.

America is the most intolerant nation for Communists and atheists.
India is the most tolerant nation for Communists and atheists.

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February 2016 Status Updates

#‎AdarshLiberals‬ or ‪#‎IntellectualTerrorists‬?

(February 22)

Progress in West Bengal…
First: Congress-CPM clashes.
Then: CPM-Trinamool clashes.
Now: Trinamool-BJP clashes.

(February 19)

1. He’ll never be taken seriously.
2. OK, but he won’t become candidate.
3. OK, but he’ll never make head of State.
Modi passed all 3.
Trump at 3.

BJP ka Shatru BJP ka shatru hai.

(February 17)

Kejri best Delhi CM ever in…
1. Ad spend.
2. Media coverage.
3. Passing the buck.
4. Hope.
5. Nautanki.
6. Illogic.
7. Chicanery.

Fun fact of the day…
Immediately after Independence, CPI President BT Randive publicly called for an armed struggle to overthrow the Government of India.
P.S. CPM emerged from the CPI.

2008: Last year when there was no major ICC trophy.
2009: T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy.
2010: T20 World Cup.
2011: ODI World Cup.
2012: T20 World Cup.
2013: ICC Champions Trophy.
2014: T20 World Cup.
2015: ODI World Cup.
2016: T20 World Cup.

(February 14)

Bradman greatest.
Waugh best in crisis.
Hussey best debut.
Smith greatest promise.
Now Voges has Test average of 100!

#‎GharWapsi‬ begins in Europe too.
Many disillusioned refugees returning to their home countries.

(February 13)

Obama: African American.
Romney: Mormon.
Sanders: Jew.
Cruz: Canadian born.
Rubio: Cuban American.
America finally becoming diverse at the top.

(February 12)

36-year-old Nehra is nearly 2.5 times more precious than 32-year-old Steyn.

(February 6)

These versions by Sunil Rajguru