#2016T20WorldCup musings

Glory days of West Indies cricket of the 1970s-80s in ODIs and Tests won’t return, but they’ve come back at least in international T20s!

Dhoni has been doing unconventional things for 9 years.
With that he’s won 3 ICC Trophies and 2 Asia Cups.
So you can’t say that he’s gone wrong suddenly.

Sehwag didn’t get his 3rd Test triple.
Dhoni isn’t getting his 3rd World Cup.
But Rohit will get his 3rd ODI double.

All 4 World Cups under Congress Prime Ministers.

1983 World Cup final…
183 in 60 overs enough with West Indies.
2016 World Cup semi-final…
192 in 20 overs not enough with West Indies.

1979—Eng-WI final.
Since then from 1983-2015 all World Cup (ODI + T20) finals (14 in all) had at least one team from Australasia
Full circle…
2016—Eng-WI final.

Greatest fighter: Bruce Lee.
Greatest villain: Christopher Lee.
Greatest cricketer: Virat Koh Lee.

Every day is not a Sunday.
Every day is an MC-BC chakka-chauka maaro day.

Kohli ko neend main se utha ke bat thama do to fir bhi kisiko bhi 6 maarega.

The England riddle…
Great Test and T20 team.
Rubbish ODI team.

Sachin was declared a better batsman than Gavaskar.
ODIs had a great role in that.
Kohli will surpass Sachin.
iT20s will ensure that.

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#IndVsPak #T20WC2016 musings…

Sharjah is a fixed Harjah for India versus Pakistan.
World Cup is a mobile Harjah for Pakistan versus India.

Very soon Kohli, Yuvi, Raina etc will do a Mauka Mauka ad to hit the winning shot which always seems to go to Dhoni.

Keep calm!
Kohli will rebuild the innings.
Dhoni will hit the winning shot.

Dhoni aur winning shot.
Kamaal ki jodi.
Fevicol ki jodi.
Tootegi nahin.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

#T20WorldCup2016 musings…

After playing for 20 years, teenager Shahid Afridi says “Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost”, and probably wants to play for 20 more years.

Sometimes you’re the pigeon and sometimes you’re the statue…
Aus hit record ODI score.
SA surpass it on same day.
SA hit record WC T20 score.
Eng surpass it on same day.

England scored a whopping 412 runs in their first 2 T20 matches and were still 2 wickets away from Zero points!
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The Indian top order either plays till the end or crashes at the first hurdle.
They know no Middle Path.
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These versions by Sunil Rajguru