RCB musings continue…

The greatest 6 hitter of all time (Gayle)
+ The greatest chaser of all time (Kohli)
+ Fastest ODI century in 31 balls (ABD)
+ He was 185* after just 26 overs in an ODI (Watson)
= Still not enough runs for RCB most of the time!

Delighting you always…
Royal Challengers Batting a delight for fans.
Royal Challengers Bowling a delight for oppositions.

Royal Challengers Batting.
(No bowling)

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

#IndVsPak #T20WC2016 musings…

Sharjah is a fixed Harjah for India versus Pakistan.
World Cup is a mobile Harjah for Pakistan versus India.

Very soon Kohli, Yuvi, Raina etc will do a Mauka Mauka ad to hit the winning shot which always seems to go to Dhoni.

Keep calm!
Kohli will rebuild the innings.
Dhoni will hit the winning shot.

Dhoni aur winning shot.
Kamaal ki jodi.
Fevicol ki jodi.
Tootegi nahin.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru