#IndVsAus #RanchiTest musings…

Pujara: Maine double century maara!
Sehwag: Bhai sahab, 521 balls main to main do do triple century maarta!

Rohit Sharma in ODIs: 264(173).
Cheteshwar Pujara in Tests: 202(525).

Cheteshwar Pujara makes India’s slowest double century in the history of international cricket (521 balls).

Maximum balls faced in an innings…
Wall I Gavaskar: 472.
Wall II Manjrekar: 422.
Wall III Dravid: 495.
Wall IV Pujara: 525.

Cheteshwar Pujara becomes India’s first Quintuple Centurion (in terms of balls faced—500) in the history of international cricket.

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Trent Bridge Test musings…

Three Tall Tails at the Trent Bridge Test.

Team India can snatch victory/defeat/draw from the jaws of defeat/draw/victory.
#IndVsEng #Cricket

It is just a matter of time before a tail-ender hits a triple century against India in a Test match.
#IndVsEng #Cricket

2010: The last time Team India made a Test score of 450+ in a foreign Test innings.
Like a World Cup, does it happen every 4 years?

Last time Indian openers put up a 50-run Test partnership on foreign soil: July 23, 2011.
Last time 10th wicket partnership put up a 50-run Test partnership on foreign soil: July 10, 2014.


These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Overheard 12…

Prime Minister: Army chief problems… Supreme Courts raps… Corruption charges… Maybe a new President this year… Say it one more time: I am an honest and independent head of state… Nobody can remote control me… Running a coalition government is tough…
Errr… who’s speaking: Manmohan Singh or Yousaf Raza Gilani?

∙ One Indian player to another: OK, now Indian Test cricket is in serious trouble.
Our ad endorsement rates are falling!

∙ Umpire: This is your last warning if you don’t go faster, then you could face a one-match ban.
Captain (to himself): Good idea to get out of this dratted losing streak. As it is the board will never give me rest.
(To his bowlers): OK guys, forget the over rate, wickets are important!

∙ Indian Board official: Right, we are here to discuss Indian Test cricket’s biggest crisis in decades. Matches are getting over in just 3-4 days! We are losing so much revenue in terms of telecast days!

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