Sonia is summoned #NationalHerald musings…

BJP disrupted Parliament to oppose Congress corruption.
Congress disrupts Parliament to support Congress corruption.
Same to same.

Since May 16, 2004 it’s been ‪#‎BlowToSonia‬ non-stop.
Yet the ‪#‎BlowToModi‬ headlines still outnumber the above by 100 to 1.

So if every incident of Congress vendetta against Modi is taken up, BJP can disrupt Parliament for the next 100 years.

The ‪#‎NehruGandhiDynasty‬ logic…

We don’t accept PM.
We don’t accept LS.
We don’t accept HC.
Ahem! Who’s being dictatorial?

‬With the way bad news is tumbling out day after day, Congress will have to disrupt Parliament till 2019.

Yesterday’s disruption: Intolerance.
Today’s disruption: Vendetta.
Tomorrow’s disruption: Morning headlines padke bataate hai.

Court summoned Sonia.
Mahatma brought beef ban.
Akhilesh incompetence led to Dadri.
But since ‪#‎ModiBashing‬ is national pastime, lage raho!

Day 1: Aaj mausam kaisa hai? Yaar bahut intolerance hai.
Day 2: Aaj vendetta kuch jyaada nahin lag raha?
Day 3: Fascism ki boo aa rahi hai mujhe.
Day 4: Yahan to dictatorship ki hawa chal rahi hai.

Vendetta—Prolonged bitter feud, rivalry.
Example—Congress has been running a vicious vendetta against all its opponents for 68 years now.

I am not scared.
My mother-in-law’s mother-in-law was Indira Gandhi.
—Sri Sri Vadraji.

Indira was ex-Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition with 153 Lok Sabha MPs when she was arrested.
Sonia is ex-Leader of the Opposition with 44 MPs when summoned.


Fact of the day…
8% of the Lok Sabha holding the whole nation to ransom

Cases/enquiry against
PC son

Kab tak protest karoge?

Sonia is Congress. Congress is Sonia.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru