The truth about war and violence…

war-469503_640War made the greatest lasting empires of all time… 1. Roman. 2. British. 3 American.
War defeated Hitler.
War built Israel.
War ended the Communist Bloc.
War created Bangladesh.
War led to many rights for the people.
War led to the greatest technologies.
War shaped the modern world.
A decisive war leads to a lasting peace.
Sad but undeniable truth.

Violence against the English Kings led to democarcy.
French Revolution violence led to democracy.
The American nation was built on violence against native Americans.
Suffragette violence got women’s rights.
Sepoy Mutiny violence kickstarted the Indian Independence movement… Bombay Mutiny violence secured it.
War leads to suffering, but so may peace.
Sometimes violence against you can only be ended by counter-violence.
Always push for peace, but realize sometimes that war is inevitable.

Everyone is crying out for peace, yes,
None is crying out for justice,
I don’t want no peace,
I need equal rights and justice.
—Peter Tosh, Equal Rights.