General musings for the day…

∙ Happy First Anniversary to Sachin’s 99th International 100.
Will you have many more?
(Mark your calendar for March 12, 2012)

∙ Sachin will probably retire on an innings of 99 not out and then retire from international cricket to prove a point.
(Even if that takes two years!)

∙ It was probably match-fixing between BCCI and Sahara…
Pehele inkaar, phir pyaar.

∙ If Behenji, Amma and Didi get together, then the acronym will be BAD… hmmm…

∙ Old saying: The last straw on the camel’s back.
New saying: The last nuke on the world’s back.
Reference: The alarming danger of Iran building their First Nuke which will probably happen to be the 31,234th nuke built in the world.

∙ Strange UPA mathematics…
(272 Lok Sabha Seats=Half-way mark.)
114 Seats=Out of power.
145 Seats=Shaky power for 5 years.
206 Seats=License for Dictatorship.

© Sunil Rajguru