Mangetar, Mangetar aur Woh…

Everyone’s talking about the Sania-Shoiab match. Looks like there are plenty of book and Bollywood movie ideas in the saga…

Some sample titles…

Mangetar, Mangetar aur Woh

Everything but Tennis and Anything but Cricket

Kasab gaya. Shoiab aaya. How to be a famous Pakistani in India.

Work-Life Balance: How to Excel at Match-Fixing Professionally and Personally Too

The Cricketer who Double-faulted and the Tennis Player Who Hit Her Own Wicket

Alternative Reality: Had Sania Won a Grand Slam Early in Her Life, She May Have Led an Anonymous Life

Jab Sania-Shoiab Raazi To Kya Karega Media?

Samjhauta Express Derailed: A Look at The Biggest Indo-Pak Crisis Since Kargil

No Weddings & a Media Funeral

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