Pakistan terror state musings…

pakistan-895319_640We lose one life, we outrage.
Pakistan loses thousands, they don’t even claim the bodies.
#AmanKiAsha for such a cruel enemy?

Pakistan has been training anti-India terrorists since the 1990s.
And here in the 2010s we are still merely debating it.

Pakistan’s non-stop covert-overt war with India will enter it’s 71st year soon.
We are still waiting for Godot.

In pursuit of Kashmir, Pakistan lost…
High ground in 1947.
East Pakistan in 1971.
Economic progress in 1990.
Peace in 2001.
What next?

Pakistan 0% wants Kashmir.
They want 100% destruction of India.
(That they will be completely destroyed in the process is a totally different story)

Pakistan is the weaker country.
Always the aggressor.
Yet it is India that behaves like the weaker country.
Kucch nahin ho sakta.

The biggest tragedy of 2001 for India was 5000+ dying in terrorism-Naxalism-Kashmir.
Yet most Indians still think it’s 9/11.

Hame Kashmir chahiye!
East Pakistan gaya.
Hame Kashmir chahiye!
Economy gayi.
Hame Kashmir chahiye!
Aman-Shanti gayi.
Hame Kashmir chahiye!
Ab Balochistan etc bhi jaayega.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Pakistan will do nothing. Neither will America. Only India can solve its own problems…

The Pakistani Army openly trains terrorists and sends them to India.

The Pakistani Government knows this.

The Pakistani Army knows that the Pakistani Government knows this.

The Americans know all of the above and the Indians know that the Americans know this.

So the onus has always been on the Indian government.

The Pakistani Army will always train terrorists and send them to India.

The Pakistani Government will always be a mute spectator.

The Americans will always watch in amusement.

The United Nations is a toothless political body anyway.

China also loves to watch India squirming.

In this equation the only variable is the Indian Government.

Only it has the power to change it and not anyone else.

So in that light #InternationalizingBalochistan, #ReviewingIndusWaterTreaty and #SurgicalStrikes are excellent moves forward.

It only remains to be seen if we can keep doing it.

© Sunil Rajguru

Pakistan has attacked us a million times and you still want peace?

cartridges-2166491_640Pre-Independence, the Muslim League pushed for Partition, not the Congress. They engineered communal riots, became really alarmist and finally got their way. One estimate of the post-Independence riots puts the toll at a whopping one million, but Pakistan didn’t care. They increased the bloodshed and attacked Kashmir even though nobody gave it to them and both the titular head and popular leader decided to join India.

In 1960, desperate for peace, India signed a very magnanimous Indus Water Treaty. Pakistan rewarded us by trying to annex the Rann of Kutch in 1965. Again we made a magnanimous peace and the further reward was a full-blown war.

Not satisfied with the disastrous 1965 war, they committed genocide in East Pakistan forcing India to intervene. They poured oil on the flames on India’s Punjab problem and then eyed Siachen in 1984. For a change India pre-empted them.

So they started sending terrorists into Kashmir in 1989. They proceeded to destroy Afghanistan via the Taliban. Meanwhile India tried to contain the Pakistani terrorists instead of attacking Pakistan directly which they should have. So Pakistan responded with another war in 1999. India tried to contain it by not crossing the LoC, but do you think Pakistan gives a shit for such finer nuances?

Today Pakistan is in shambles. Terrorists have killed more than 60,000 civilians and many terror groups are in a state of conflict with the Pakistan government. There is a civil war raging in North Waziristan and an Independence movement in Balochistan. There are even Independence movements in Gilgit-Baltistan and a movement in PoK to come back to India. Curiously there was even a rally in Sindh asking for Independence.

Despite all this death and destruction and the disintegration of Pakistan, they still want Kashmir, war, terror and threaten India with a nuclear strike even though India is a much larger power and will just about survive a nuclear war while Pakistan will be totally wiped out.

Pakistan hates itself and you want it to love India?

Pakistan is destroying itself and you think it will care for India?

Pakistan’s Army and government are both butchering its own citizens and you think it will care for Indian citizens?

And you still want to talk peace with Pakistan?

© Sunil Rajguru

Pakistan bilkul sudhrega nahin musings…

Pakistani Army most cowardly on Earth.
Loses all conventional wars.
Sends civilians (terrorists) to do its dirty deeds.

Top 5 most powerful men in deciding Pakistan’s fate…
1. Obama.
2. General Sharif.
3. ISI Chief.
4. Hafiz Saeed.
5. Nawaz Sharif.

Pak vicious cycle…
1950s/60s: We will never forget Partition.
1970s-90s: We will never forget 1971.
Post-2000: We will never forget how a nuclear power was humiliated in Kargil.

Like Alcoholics Anonymous, Pakistan has a programme called Terrorists Anonymous.
They identify & train them but pretend they are anonymous.

1 bitter Partition—Millions dead/hurt/displaced.
4 wars—1947, 1965, 1971, 1999.
Hundreds of terror attacks.
You think peace will be simple?

India 1947-2016.
All we are saying is give peace a chance.
Pakistan 1947-99.
All we are saying is give war a chance.
Pakistan 1989-2016.
All we are saying is give terror a chance.

Pakistan has been attacking us for donkeys years.
This is retaliation, not escalation.

Pakistan wants J&K in its entirety.
Have a million talks at a hundred levels.
How do you sort that out?

Pakistan has been threatening India since 1947.
Sending terrorists since 1989.
Amazing how some Indians have problems with one #SurgicalStrike in 2016.

Number of those killed by Pakistani trained terrorists is greater than 9/11.
Reaction by India so far is not even 1% of America.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

When Bilawal Bhutto wanted every inch of Kashmir…

Dear Bilawal,
First try to take Pakistan from the Pakistani Army.
Then fantasize about taking Kashmir from the Indian Army.

Zulfikar: We’ll eat grass but build the bomb.
Benazir: We’ll eat grass but build self-destructing militancy.
Bilawal: We’ll eat grass.

Bilawal: Why is our country called Pakistan?
Papa: P for Punjab, A for Afghania, K for Kashmir…
Bilawal: What? We’ll take back Kashmir!!!

Bilawal Bhutto heard it as…
Doodh maangoge to kheer denge,
Kashmir maangoge to beer denge.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Breaking News: The state of Pakistan no longer exists

In a stunning development, it has just been announced that the state of Pakistan will no longer exist. In a unique and unheard of 21st century reengineering, the state will now be called Tatastan and will be ruled by the erstwhile Pakistan Army, the Taliban and the Federal Government of the US of A.

After a secret 10-day brainstorming session, it was decided to name it after the actual rulers of the region.
So T (Taliban, Pakistan Chapter) A (Army of erstwhile Pakistan) T (Taliban, Afghanistan chapter) A (America) –stan has come about.

The name is also symbolic, as one never knows when one will have to bid Tata to Tatastan. It may also trigger a chain of events involving nuclear weapons, which may make us all bid Tata to the world as we know it. So all in all, it is a very apt name, agree experts.

In a late night press conference Mr Ratan Tata was at great pains to explain that they had absolutely no hand in the naming of the new state, they were not the sponsors of Tatastan and they had enough problems of their own, so would the people and media please leave them alone. (Mr Tata is still reeling from all the “Mamata says Tata” type headlines post Nandigram, disclosed a senior Tata employee on condition of anonymity)

(It was also realized that the K of Pakistan stands for Kashmir, something that Pakistan has failed to get in its 60 years of existence and will never get, the shoddy way it is going about its business in all aspects. Renaming it Paistan would make no sense (though some citizens in the Punjab region were for Pajistan) Other suggested names were Talibania, the United States of Pakistan and simply Armyland).

It was also decided to abolish the posts of President and Prime Minister, as most of the people who occupied them were either irrelevant or killed in the long run.
The General of the Army will now be the undisputed CEO of Tatastan.
The distribution of other portfolios will be as follows:
America: Ministries of External Affairs, Nuclear Energy and Culture (Urban)
Taliban: Ministries of Home, Education, Law & Order, Agriculture and Culture (Rural)
Musharraf: Minister of Information & Broadcasting
Zardari: Minister of Finance, Commerce & Trade (In another development, the CEO of Tatastan claimed that he had cut Mr Ten Per Cent down to size. He will henceforth be known as Mr Five Per Cent. The savings will go to the Tatastan Army Welfare Fund)
There are also rumours that Tatastan is being made the 51st state of America, but these are all unsubstantiated at the present.

With all other problems being solved, the attention is now on the economy and the following measures will be made to boost it:

1. Most nuclear weapons (save a few to serve as a deterrent) will be auctioned with a starting price of $1 billion per bomb. America would have opposed this move, but they are unaware of it, just as they have been officially unaware of the whole nuclear weapons programme in Pakistan for decades. Disgraced scientist AQ Khan gets a new lease of life and will be the Chairman of NuclearMart, as the initiative tentatively has been called.
(Unofficially, Lehmann Brothers may be revived and be the front to buy all these nukes, which will go well with its other holdings of value: The stockpile of 450000 lb of uranium “yellowcake”. They may also be renamed as Nuclear Brothers)

2. The Poppy will now be the national flower of Tatastan. Opium trade would serve as a source of annual income after the nuclear money runs out. This new agricultural revolution will give employment to huge numbers of farmers who will also have some dope to fall back upon in case things really get bad. The Taliban claim great expertise in this field and are happy that PoppyMart is turning multinational.

3. Tatastan will set up elite IITs (International Institutes of Terrorism). People all over the world will be able to hire elite pass outs of the IITs, who can be used in wars, domestic strife, hitmen etc. (Multinationals banks in India may also need their services as the criminals who collected debts have been outlawed)
The main aim of IITs is to make organizations like the mafia and underworld extinct. All these will be available under the services of TerrorMart.
IITs and the Opium Ministry can also get together and give the Columbian Drug Lords a run for their money. As expected, an agency called DrugMart is being proposed.

Financial experts conjecture that NuclearMart, PoppyMart, DrugMart and TerrorMart (all registered Trademarks of the Government of Tatastan) together have the potential to generate more than $100 billion a year, giving a chance for Tatastan to leapfrog emerging economies like India. (However these are the same experts who said that the World Economy would double from 2006 to 2015)

India has dismissed the whole exercise calling it a cosmetic change and a meaningless naming ceremony. Better alternatives would have been Atankvadia, Talibinstan or simply Amrika ka Puppet.

Further details are awaited.

OK, Tata Bye Bye. Let’s all make this world a safer place.

© Sunil Rajguru