Half the world is conflicted, leave Israel and Kashmir alone

lama-1749360_640China brutally occupied Tibet in 1950 and since then has unleashed untold horrors on the Tibetans who by and large suffer in silence due to their policy of non-violence. The Dalai Lama and lakhs of other Tibetans had to flee to India.

Taiwan is also a virtually independent province and there is great tension with the mainland. Hong Kong also has a totally different character and tensions with mainland China is also are on the rise.

They talk of a Two China policy while talking about mainland China and Taiwan. But actually it is a Four China policy encompassing mainland China, Taiwan, Tibet and Hong Kong. Or call them the Disunited States of China.

Pakistan brutally occupied Baluchistan in 1948 and global media did not even bother to mention that in their news briefs and it is getting some little coverage only in the 2010s. There’s an intense war raging in North Waziristan, while there are Independence movements in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

apsmartyrs-pakistan-1097310_640Pakistan has also been steadily wiping out all its minorities: Hindus, Christians, Ahmadiyyas and now Shias. The Taliban has also been crushing all those to do not subscribe to their policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hindus are persecuted in Bangladesh too.

In West Asia, the Kurds and Yazidis are among the most persecuted communities as are Shias in Sunni dominated regions. In Africa, the civil wars between Muslims and Christians have been raging for decades now.

mural-539809_640While the Scotland independence movement has been peaceful, even England repressed the Northern Ireland independence movement with an iron hand. There are also low-key independence movements in Europe like Spain’s Catalonia and Basque.

The list is endless.

But if you looked at media coverage, then you’d think the only two problems were Palestine and Kashmir which get a disproportionate global attention from the Communist global media and you’d think nothing else matters.

gilbert-checkpoint-837909_640Why? Is it because Israel is the only Jewish country in the world and India the largest and among a handful of Hindu countries in the world? These two countries do not seem to have much of a say in global media and continue to be vilified by them even though many other countries have far greater problems.

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Engaging Pak over Kashmir…

Pak began Kashmir terror group policy 9 years before they officially became a nuclear power. A year after they lost a war.
N-threat is irrelevant, India’s tolerance the key.

The two biggest stakeholders of the Pakistani Army are America and terrorist groups.
The government is a mute spectator.
Who will you talk to?

Kashmir has already destroyed Pakistan and hasn’t even realized it and still claims Kashmir.

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How Modi should solve the Kashmir problem… #AdarshLiberals

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

You have to instantaneously solve the Kashmir problem. That’s what you were voted for. #AccheDin in Kashmir too.
For this remember….
1. You cannot declare war on Pakistan.
2. You can’t indulge in any form of conflict with them.
3. You can’t do hot pursuit into PoK which is in fact 100% Pakistani land.
4. You can’t even call Pakistan a terrorist state for the poor ole country is a victim of terror.
5. You can’t break economic ties with Pakistan.
6. Bus/train services should continue as should the exchange of artists/intellectuals/journalists.
7. Forget pellet guns, the entire Army should be withdrawn from Kashmir.
8. You cannot even dream of touching the Indus Water Treaty let along changing it.
9. All Pro-Pakistani elements in India should be strengthened.
10. All ultra-nationalists and those shouting pro-India slogans should be jailed.
11. Balochistan is a terrorist province troubling the poor peaceful people of Pakistan. Please leave the issue alone and stop raising it.
12. All terrorists in Pakistan are freedom fighters.
13. Please release all those accused of terrorism from Indian jails and abolish the death sentence only for terrorists.
14. Stop your stupid bravado and become more humble to Pakistan for it is a superior civilization.
15. Send our cricketers to Pakistan. If they are that patriotic then they should be able to brave bombs there. Get their cricketers here and give them double fees for IPL.
16. Never ever raise all the failings of all the Congress leaders from 1947-2014.
17. The spiritual homeland of our Communists is China, so behave with them too to solve the Pakistan problem.
18. America has ruined Pakistan, so stop your stupid bromance with Obama.
Please keep all these things in mind and solve the Kashmir problem immediately.
You have already been Prime Minister for a whopping 28 months now and have totally failed.
It might be a good idea to step down and get BJP to withdraw from the snap polls and let Pappu become Prime Minister and Kejri LoP. They are India’s only hopes.
No thanks and not much regards,

An Indian viewpoint on why Pakistan is 100% wrong on Kashmir…

cross-157492_6401a. The British did not give Kashmir to Pakistan in 1947.

b. The Maharaja of Kashmir did not want to join Pakistan in 1947.

c. The popular leader Sheikh Abdullah did not want to join Kashmir in 1947.

2. Despite this Pakistan asserts that Kashmir is theirs.

kashmir-731978_6403. India sought peace from the beginning, not making any attempts to regain Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) from 1948 and signing a magnanimous one-sided Indus Water Treaty in 1960. It even offered the Plebiscite option in Kashmir should Pakistan vacate PoK, which it has point blank refused to even discuss thereby nullifying the proposed Plebiscite.

4. Despite this Pakistan keeps attacking India through outright war (1965 and 1999) and covert terror attacks (in the order of hundreds from 1989 to this present day). The 1971 Bangladeshi genocide forced India to intervene as it could not handle the refugees which ultimately ran into crores and India is suffering till this present day.

5. Pakistan has been killing its minorities: First the Hindus and Christians; Then the Shias and Ahmadiyyas. Despite that they keep screaming about India’s human rights record 24X7.

dalai-lama-2244829_6406. After the annexation of Tibet by China in 1951, it has been quite rare for even a superpower to capture a province from a smaller power. And here a smaller power still dreams of capturing an entire state from a larger power. Height of delusion?

7. As a result, democracy has been busted in Pakistan (since the Army always calls the shots thanks to Kashmir), the economy is in ruins, it is a puppet state of America and there are independent movements in Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and PoK while there is a full-fledged war raging in North Waziristan.

world-trade-center-67695_6408. 60,000 Pakistani civilians have died in terror attacks since 9/11 so it is correct when they say that they are the biggest victims of terror. However they are the biggest perpetrators of terror too and god knows how long this paradox called Pakistan will last like this.

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The vicious circle in Kashmir

The sheer hopelessness of the never-ending violence spiralling out of control in Kashmir…

Separatists: Hum eenth ka jawab pathar se denge.

Police: Hum pathar ka jawab pellet se denge.

Terrorist: Hum pellet ka jawab bullet se denge.

Army: Hum bullet ka jawab… Well you saw what happened to Burhan Wani.

And beyond that is all out war with Pakistan.

1947-48: Kashmir War.

1965: Rann of Kutch Conflict.

1965: Indo-Pak War.

1971: Bangladesh War.

1984: Siachen Conflict.

1990s: Militancy in Kashmir.

1999: Kargil War.

2000s: Terrorism in Kashmir.

2010s: Difficult to shake off the above mentioned legacy.

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And Kashmir continues to suffer…

Who introduced what in Kashmir?
Root problem=Nehru.
Dismissal of popular Govt=Indira.
Pandit exodus=Rajiv.
Out of control terror=Rao.
Pellet guns=Manmohan.

The paradox…
Kashmir cannot be independent thanks to Pakistan.
(It would annex it)
Kashmir can’t live peacefully within India thanks to Pakistan.
(Pak-sponsored terror)

Headline: Every hour of prime time TV news aggression pushes Kashmir a mile westward from India.
Untrue. If that was the case, it would be on the moon by now.

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JNU and Indian Army musings…

If you can’t respect/appreciate/admire the Indian defence forces, at least don’t insult/abuse them.
They’re merely following government orders and protecting every citizen of India.

National Defence Academy is 100% national.
Jawaharlal Nehru University is anti-national.
JNU confers degrees to NDA pass outs.

War? Call the Army
Conflict? Call the Army
Flood? Call the Army
Riot? Call the Army
Punching bag required? Call the Army.

Indian Communism…
…died in trade unions in the 1980s.
…died in politics in 2014.
…first nail in coffin in universities in 2016.

Communism has killed hundreds of millions in cold blood.
In India it led to Naxalism, Maoism, WB and Kerala violence.
But Communism is most outraged when a single student can’t scream “Bharat ki barbaadi”.

Support Terrorist. OK.
Support Modi. –> Sparta!!!

There is only one real demand and message from this whole fiasco…
JNU maange azaadi!
(Independent Communist Educational Republic)

Why this nation is divided and protesting…
BJP rules the Lok Sabha.
Congress rules the Rajya Sabha.
The Left rules the Government Universities.

America is the most intolerant nation for Communists and atheists.
India is the most tolerant nation for Communists and atheists.

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Kashmir versus Pakistan…

Claim: Indian Kashmir is occupied by Indian Army.
Reality: Pakistan is occupied by Pakistani Army (and terrorist groups).

Claim: Kashmir is a troubled State.
Reality: Pakistan is the most troubled State.

Slogan: Save Kashmir.
Reality: Save Pakistan.

Claim: Indians don’t care for Kashmir.
Reality: Pakistanis don’t care for Pakistan.

Claim: There should be Plebiscite in Kashmir.
Reality: There should be Plebiscite in every State of Pakistan.

Claim: There will be peace in Pakistan when there is peace in Kashmir.
Reality: As long as there is no peace within Pakistan, Kashmir will always be targeted.

Claim: Kashmir should be part of Pakistan.
Reality: Pakistan’s claims on Kashmir will leave it in parts.

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J&K-Jharkhand poll musings…

Jharkhand-Jammu jhaaki hai,
Bihar-Bengal baaki hai,

The process of Ghar Wapsi of all Congress governments started in 2013.
‪#‎Rajasthan‬ ‪#‎NewDelhi‬ ‪#‎India‬ ‪#‎AndhraPradesh‬ ‪#‎Maharashtra‬ ‪#‎Haryana‬

Panellist: The party has not performed as per the exit poll.
—Duh! It’s your exit poll that has not performed!

One thing is clear that from now on for all State elections …
Tough fight between BJP versus Regional Party.
Congress heading for extinction.

Narendra Modi is building an electoral Development Highway throughout India.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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When Bilawal Bhutto wanted every inch of Kashmir…

Dear Bilawal,
First try to take Pakistan from the Pakistani Army.
Then fantasize about taking Kashmir from the Indian Army.

Zulfikar: We’ll eat grass but build the bomb.
Benazir: We’ll eat grass but build self-destructing militancy.
Bilawal: We’ll eat grass.

Bilawal: Why is our country called Pakistan?
Papa: P for Punjab, A for Afghania, K for Kashmir…
Bilawal: What? We’ll take back Kashmir!!!

Bilawal Bhutto heard it as…
Doodh maangoge to kheer denge,
Kashmir maangoge to beer denge.

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Indian states then and now…

2001: Don’t you dare do a Bihar!
2011: Why don’t you do a Bihar?

1955: I feel as special as Kashmir.
2011: I feel as tired and weary as Kashmir.

1989: The Congress is destroying Uttar Pradesh.
1999: The BJP is destroying Uttar Pradesh.
2007: Mulayam Singh Yadav is destroying Uttar Pradesh.
2011: Mayawati is destroying Uttar Pradesh.
2012: Who will destroy Uttar Pradesh?

1957, 67, 69, 70, 78, 80, 87, 96, 2006: Kerala is being “Left” behind.
1962, 77, 81, 91, 2001, 11: Kerala is being left behind thanks to the Congress.

2010: May you last as long as the West Bengal Communist government.
2011: May you not be forgotten the way the West Bengal Communist government was.

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