#Communism 101

Still born in 1848.
Dead in 1991.
A zombie in 2016.
But still the favourite of media + intellectuals + liberals.

#Communism = Poison.
Socialism = Diluted poiso

Globally, Communists totally sponge off the Capitalist State, but still attack both Capitalism and the State virulently.

1. Capitalism + Democracy.
2. #Communism + Dictatorship.
Call 1. “Right” and 2. “Left” to introduce fake parity.

#Communism = Mass murderers like Mao and Stalin (Together killed 100 million plus)
So attack Modi, Trump, Netanyahu etc.

#Communism = Dictatorship + Zero economic workability.
So it will always attack Capitalism + Democracy virulently to hide that.

With an exactly 0% success rate, they will virulently attack Capitalism for not having a 100% success rate.

Biggest mass murderers of 20th century…
1. Mao.
2. Stalin.
3. Hitler.
Worshippers of No. 1 and No. 2 will call anyone they dislike No. 3.

By Sunil Rajguru

The Modi factor…

• Pre-1989, the entire mainstream went after the Congress and projected VP Singh as an alternative.
Pre-2014, the entire social media went after the Congress and projected Narendra Modi as an alternative.
Times haven’t changed.
The media has.

• I am imagining the final headline…
In a blow to Modi, he is sworn in as PM.

• If Modi becomes PM, then it would be Independent India’s biggest self-fulfilling prophesy perpetrated (initially in reverse) by his haters.

• Number of failures…
Modi: Many. Pappu: Zero.
(Because Modi has tried many things and Pappu is yet to do anything in life and hence yet to fail)

· Online India leans Right because Offline India leans sharply Left.
If Offline India was neutral, then so would be Online India.

© Sunil Rajguru