The Modi factor…

• Pre-1989, the entire mainstream went after the Congress and projected VP Singh as an alternative.
Pre-2014, the entire social media went after the Congress and projected Narendra Modi as an alternative.
Times haven’t changed.
The media has.

• I am imagining the final headline…
In a blow to Modi, he is sworn in as PM.

• If Modi becomes PM, then it would be Independent India’s biggest self-fulfilling prophesy perpetrated (initially in reverse) by his haters.

• Number of failures…
Modi: Many. Pappu: Zero.
(Because Modi has tried many things and Pappu is yet to do anything in life and hence yet to fail)

· Online India leans Right because Offline India leans sharply Left.
If Offline India was neutral, then so would be Online India.

© Sunil Rajguru

One thought on “The Modi factor…

  1. Sunil,u seem to be a Modi apologist and a bad one at that because you get caught in the act. A sensible journo would do it in more suttle ways.

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