The crore-Rupee question…

Who is more hated? Modi in MSM or Pappu in SM?

Who is the dirtier Mr Clean? Rajiv or Manmohan?

Which is the bigger scandal? 2G or Coalgate?

Which is the bigger brand in scandals? Bofors or 2G?

At his peak, who was the bigger hardliner? Advani or Modi?

Who is the more disappointing son? Pappu or Bachchan Jr?

Who is the more embarrassing damaad? Meiyappan or Vadra?

Which is the bigger tamasha? IPL or our Parliament?

Who are the bigger chokers? South Africa or England?

Who is the more surprising Sharma? Ishant or Rohit?

Which is worse? Politicians dabbling in cricket or cricketers dabbling in politics?

Who is more powerful? Modi in Gujarat or Sonia in Congress?

© Sunil Rajguru

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