Fun facts abut the Climate Change agenda #COP26

earth-hour-4776711_1280(What they generally don’t tell you)

  • COP26 or the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference at Glasgow has been called our “Last best hope” or last chance or some such term by many. If you remember, COP1 (1995) was also called something like that too and come to think of it, also COP2 and COP3 and COP4 and COP5 and…

  • The largest consumer of fossil fuels in the world is China while Russia is the No. 2 gas producer. Both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are not attending COP26 at Glasgow.

  • Coal plants are being replaced by natural gas plants to placate the climate lobby. Both are fossil fuels.

  • Electric cars rely on electricity for their energy. Two-thirds of global electricity is powered by fossil fuels.

  • Rising CO2 levels are actually great news for plants and they have powered the recent agricultural revolution.

  • Fossil fuels power the transportation industry, road making, the agricultural industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the plastics industry which in turn powers every industry on Earth. There is no such thing as the fossil fuel industry. We are a Fossil Fuel Civilization.

  • One of the interpretations of Chaos Theory is: The flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas. It is impossible to predict both the weather and the climate with great accuracy.

  • Global Cooling caught the fancy of the world towards the end of the 1970s before Global Warming was decided upon. Since then the terms Climate Change, Climate Extinction, Climate Emergency are being experimented with.

The Climate Change fraud…

The Climate Change debate had more to do with politics and less with science.
So why are you surprised that the debate has suddenly changed?

Climate will change with or without humans.
It’ll change on Earth and Earth-like planets.
Climate Change isn’t a fraud.
The debate is.

If tomorrow humans became extinct would climate become static forever?
It would change and keep changing.
Tells you the stupidity of the term Climate Change.

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These versions by Sunil Rajguru

If Climate Change was indeed the biggest threat…

polar-bear-2199534_640Recently US President Barack Obama said that Climate Change was America’s biggest threat and one even greater than terrorism.

If he really believed that then he would announce the following…

We are conducting joint air strikes over the most polluting industries in the world.

We are sending CIA operatives to find out how the biggest corporates are the biggest polluters and are bending rules to pollute the environment.

We are sending thousands marines all over the world to protect areas like the Amazon forest.

We are conducting economic sanctions against all the countries which happen to be the biggest polluters in the world.

We will use our veto power in the United Nations to pass and not block resolutions which realize the gravity of Climate Change.

…we’d rather use all the above resources to blow the living daylights out of the poorest zones of the world so that they will breed more resentment that will necessitate a backlash that will lead to further strikes ad infinitum, thereby damning the environment of those particular zones ad infinitum.

Hello terrorism, goodbye environment.

© Sunil Rajguru

Groups that might actually look forward to Global Warming…

flood-62785_1280• Real Estate Agents Who Don’t Want New Land, But Simply Want Less At Much Higher Prices

• Moral Police Agitators Who Want Immoral Beaches to Just Sink and Vanish

• Freshwater Alarmists Who Will Be Delighted By So Much More Freshwater Formed By The Melting of Glaciers

• Life Forms in Cold Hostile Environments Yearning For a Change

• Fan and AC Companies Plagued With Continuously Shrinking Profits

• Camels And Scorpions Alarmed By Their Dwindling Habitat

• Ocean Travel Agents Who Wouldn’t Mind a Bit More Territory

© Sunil Rajguru

The A to Z of Copenhagen

A cynic’s ringside view of the recently concluded Copenhagen climate summit…

One Problem: The world is getting hotter.
One Solution: Cut down on greenhouse gases.
One Roadblock: No-one really wants to do so, but all the countries are ready to spend billions of dollars and burn umpteen tonnes of greenhouse gases to hold dozens of conferences to allegedly inch forward in the form of treaties and resolutions.

A for Acting and Actors: Is anyone really interested in a deal? Everyone was merely enacting out a drama and hoping to get home soon.

B for BASIC: Brazil, America, South Africa, India, China. A so-called Copenhagen power group. But when there are more acronyms than agreements, you know you are in real trouble.

C for Chindia: China+India and their coming together briefly. But whether you like it or not, unless the world has these two countries on their side, more than 2 billion of the world’s population is out of it. Though they were arm-twisted by the US, we are still not sure what will happen in these regions.

D for Danish Text: A document that talked of “keeping average global temperature rises to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels” but ended up being another battleground between the two Ds: Developed and Developing countries.

E for Everyone:
The head of the Chinese delegation said: Everyone is happy. Wow! Overstatement of the year?

F for Fredrik Reinfeldt: Who’s he? That’s what even the US thinks too, for a news report said he got an SMS saying that the deal was wrapped up even though he was still negotiating. For the record, the Swedish Prime Minister is the EU president.

G for Global Warming, for Greenhouse Effect, for Greenhouse Gas: Is Global Warming happening in the first place? If it is, will countries cut down on emissions? And if they will, will it really make a difference? We live in a very iffy world.

H for Hundred Billion Dollars:
Wow! That’s a huge sum of money! The amount rich nations are willing to pledge annually for Climate Change Aid. Wonder why no-one is impressed!

I for IPCC: The grand Nobel winner Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, of the United Nations. But more in the news for a report which said that the head stood to make money if there was a breakthrough in Carbon economy talks.

J for Joseph Fourier: Heard of him? Yeah, the famous mathematician. He’s the dude who started this whole thing. In 1824 he postulated something that would later be called the greenhouse effect. Do you think we can reach a deal on the 200th anniversary of this great event in 2024?

K for Kyoto Protocol: Adopted in 1997, it came into force in 2005. It will expire in 2012. What is it? Does anyone remember? I don’t.

L for (not) Legally Binding: Ha! After all the furor and subsequent agreements, we were told that whatever was decided upon was not legally binding. How convenient!

M for Mexico: If Copenhagen was COP15, then Mexico 2010 will be COP16. Wait for the drama to continue there.

N for Negotiations: Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate… compromise, compromise and compromise… dilute, dilute and dilute… then tell the world that it’s all a resounding success.

O for Obama: The difference in this summit and a big Change from Bush. He pushed and at the end of it all he told us it was a success. And we are supposed to believe him.

P for Percentages: 10%. 20%. 30%. What does it all mean? How will countries bring about those emission reductions? Who’ll check?

Q for Questions: Which were more in number than answers.

R for Rubber Stamp: We are all rubber stamps of the US. Bush rubbishes climate talks. Obama pushes climate talks. It’s all down to the whims and fancies of the US President, the rest of the world be damned.

S for South Africa: In 2011 it will be COP17. Then 18, 19, 20, 21, 22… keep counting.

T for Tuvalu: A small island which could sink in case of global warming and rising of oceans. At its highest it is 4.5 metres above sea level. A gem from its spokesman on the final Copenhagen draft: It looks like we are being offered 30 pieces of silver to betray our people and our future.

U for Urban: Urbanization. Modernization. Development. With the population increasing like crazy and more and more people living in the cities, I seriously wonder how they are going to pull the whole thing off at ground level.

V for Venezuela: One of the countries that called Copenhagen a Capitalist Conspiracy. Other countries which joined in with the name calling were: Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

W for Water: The crux of the problem after global warming reaches a critical point. Islands will start sinking, beaches will start disappearing… We will wake up The Day After.

X for Xerox: COP1 happened. Then they photocopied that and COP2 happened, Then they Xeroxed that and COP3 happened… OK I am being pessimistic. But you go through all the documents of the last couple of decades and tell me what really has changed at the ground level, apart from all the treaties and conferences that is.

Y for Yankee Imperialists: Another term the US and its lackeys got called by Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Z for Zero: One way to sum up what really happened at Copenhagen.

© Sunil Rajguru