The real reason why Pakistan lost to Australia in the quarters…

India has beaten Pakistan in a World Cup match in every possible format and stage of the tournament.

Beaten in…

Final—T20 2007.

Semi-final—ODI 2011.

Quarter-final—ODI 1996.

Super Six stage—ODI 1999.

Open League format—ODI 1992.

7-Group League—ODI 2015.

3-Group League—T20 2007.

So the “quota” for semi-finals is full and we may meet in a 4-league format in the 2016 T20 WC or a 5-league format in the 2019 ODI WC.

India won the quarters first and thereby blocked Pakistan’s entry.

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Pakistan World Cup quarterfinal loss musings…

East Pakistan gharwapsi on Thursday.
West Pakistan gharwapsi on Friday.

The reverse world…
Indians wanted Pakistan to win to face them in the semis.
Pakistani players didn’t want that because back home it is more honourable to be kicked out of the tournament by Australia than India.

So all SAs generally choke in knockout matches?
‪#‎ShahidAfridi‬ ‪#‎SouthAfrica‬

Shahid Afridi is so young that if he is retired, he will simply do plastic surgery and return as another Pakistan teenage wonder to play under a different name.

Afridi will be made a scapegoat for this defeat.
He will be retired, but recalled just short of his 25th birthday for the 2019 World Cup.

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Shahid Afridi musings…

Total runs scored by Shahid Afridi in 5 World Cups spanning 16 years…
Rohit Sharma: Bitch please! I can do that in 1.5 innings in half a week!

He should change his name to Shaayad Afridi.
Every captain takes him in the team thinking…
“Shaayad ye aaj maarega!”

Misbah’s ODI strike rate is 74.
Means if he batted 50 overs, he’d make 222.
Pakistan today made 213 matching their captain’s personality.
Still better than Afridi—Then Pakistan would be 100 all down in 10 overs.

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