Pappu will probably boast next…

My great great grandfather founded Congress.

My great grandfather founded India.

My grandmother founded Bangladesh.

My uncle founded the Indian automobile industry.

My father founded the Computer Age.

My mother founded a poverty free India.

I will found Paradise.

The next Nehru-Gandhi generation will found Heaven itself.

© Sunil Rajguru

Manmohan the destroyer…

Manmohan as The Trinity…
1991-96: The Creator.
2004-09: The Preserver.
2009-13: The Destroyer.

He is the 13th Prime Minister of India.
As they say:
Lucky for some (Manmohan Singh)…
Unlucky for others (all other Indians).

SINGH is King!
S = Spectrum, coal and many other scams.
I = Internet Emergency.
N = No spine whatsoever.
G = Gayab. (Awaaz, governance, etc…)
H = Home and abroad both equal failures.

The amount of investigation that has been done against Modi, even if 1% of that was done against UPA2 scams, Manmohan would probably find himself behind bars.

Manmohan Singh’s symbol should be the Lotus.
He is the longest surviving PM in the biggest pile of mud.

New remixed quote…
Power corrupts, Manmohan corrupts absolutely.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Mera Pappu mahaan…

Aamir Khan: Papa kehete the…
Pappu: Papa kehete the… Daadi keheti thi… Pardada kehete the… Pardada ke Papa kehete the… Mummy keheti hai…

With his oratory, Pappu set out to better Barack Obama, but ended up surpassing even George W Bush.

Congress election slogan for 2014…
UPA2 to sirf jhaaki hai,
UPA3 abhi baaki hai.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru