Twitterverse musings…

According to sources*.
* 1960s: Real flesh and blood sources.
2000s: Made up sources to suit the news.
2010s: Twitter.

There should be something called “Reverse Troll” when you troll your troller in grand style.

Write 280 characters.
Tweet the second half.
ReTweet it adding the first 140 characters as comments allowed.
People will read it as a Tweet of 280 characters.

Traditional media.
Traditional politicians.
Traditional economic unions.
All falling like nine pins.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Indian TV news channel realities…

• Breaking News is a Broken Record.

• From 1998-2004 they were anti-establishment.
From 2004-12 they are pro-establishment.
(That’s a sophisticated way of saying that they are basically Congress lackeys.)

• Since every channel has exactly the same exclusive, exclusives should be renamed “mutual exclusives”.

• When William Faulkner said, “…it is a tale, Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” he was actually referring to the news channel debate participant.

• This is the only profession where you can thrive by asking arrogant, rude and stupid questions all the time.

• The BJP will totally oppose the Congress.
The Congress will totally oppose the BJP.
Beyond a point of time you totally forget what the topic of discussion is.

• The moment a Congress spokesperson enters the picture, the level of noise goes up significantly.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

News in Limericks 2

There was this place called Bangalore,
Where it seemed digging was the main chore,
For all sorts of pipes and roads they dug,
For Metro, flyovers and underpasses they dug,
Ab ye dil maange digging no more!


There was this party called the BJP,
Which in one piece just wouldn’t be,
They fought and fought,
What havoc they wrought!
2009 was the year when the “I” replaced the “We”.


There were these dudes called the Men in Blue,
Who always did flatter to deceive you,
They broke records galore,
They notched a few wins more,
But at crunch time they always got bruised black and blue.


There was this dude called Obama,
Who go the peace prize Hey Baba!
On peace how he did talk!
But did he walk the talk?
The future will show if it all was a drama.


There was this tournament called IPL,
Which in its first season was a great sell,
Interest dropped in Season 2
For Season 3 viewers may be few,
But they’ll still get more teams and leagues and hype, what the hell!


© Sunil Rajguru