Why the Middle East problem is so complicated…

jerusalem-1712855_6401. Palestinians are boxed in by Israelis.
2. Israelis are boxed in by Islamic nations.
3. Islamic nations are taken for a ride by America.
4. America does great trade with countries like Saudi Arabia; gives great political and military support to Israel and has been a victim of Islamic terrorism.

1. Israel was carved out of Mandatory Palestine in 1948.
2. Mandatory Palestine was carved out of Ottoman Southern Syria in 1920.

1. Israel snatched East Jerusalem from Jordan.
2. Both Israel (West) and Jordan (East) snatched it from the British who wanted it under the UN.
3. The British snatched Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire.

© Sunil Rajguru

Iran nuke static…

West Asia peace going South… Middle East’s stuck in the middle…  I ran away with the nukes… Israel ho gaya hai derail… Obama ka drama… Cameron’s off too… So’s Hillary Clintoff… Ali Khamenei’s brought them on their knees… Ahmadinejad’s jihad… Egypt’s easy no more… Obama’s Nobel Prize of Piece(s)… Belligerent Benjamin Netanyahu’s NoToNukes… Shimon Peace?… or political nuclear meltdown…

© Sunil Rajguru