Left-Liberal musings…

hammer-2105611_640If you abuse India and praise Pakistan, I will defend to the death your right to say it.
But if you abuse Pakistan and praise India, death to you!

Leftists hate India.
Leftists hate democracy.
Leftists hate Hinduism.
Yet they are the first to scream “hate crime”, “Nazi” and “racist” at the drop of a hat.

A BJP woman not allowed to speak at Jamia.
An AAP woman spoke so much that people got fed up.
Guess where the outrage was?
#Shazia #Gurmehar

Trump runs for President. Shock!
Trump wins nomination. Shock!
Trump wins election. Shock!
Trump gives Presidential speech. Shock!
Media still has zero understanding of Trump.

Have you seen La La Land?
Nitish: No. Who cares. As it is I live in Lalu Land.
Nitish: Yes, he has taken all the sunshine leaving me the moonlight.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Nehruvian Consensus, secular, liberal and other true definitions for India…

Secular: A person who is communal but covers it up by calling himself secular and all others communal a hundred times a day.

Liberal: A person who is liberal in the use of propaganda, narrow non-inclusive talk and abusive language.

Intellectual: A person who thinks he is intelligent but is in fact the laughing stock among common citizens.

Leftist: A communist who unflinchingly loves Mao and Stalin and still can claim in the same breath that certain democratically elected leaders are vile dictators.

Historian: A person who believes that history is true only if it is coloured in red.

Nehruvian Consensus: A name given to the dictatorial Congress ecosystem consisting of Leftists, secularists, liberals, intellectuals and historians (as mentioned above).

Fascist: Anything which is not part of the Nehruvian Consensus (as mentioned above).

Troll: Anyone who even mildly disagrees with your opinion.

Bias: Anything that even leans moderately Right. Leaning even far Left continues to be firmly in the realms of neutral territory. Ref: Nehruvian Consensus.

Twitter: The hotbed of right-wing Fascists, the new underground.

Pogrom/genocide: Any major riot left after removing the Nellie Massacre, the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, all other major riots in Congress-ruled States like 1969, 1980, 1989 and 1991-92.

These definitions by Sunil Rajguru