Nehruvian Consensus, secular, liberal and other true definitions for India…

Secular: A person who is communal but covers it up by calling himself secular and all others communal a hundred times a day.

Liberal: A person who is liberal in the use of propaganda, narrow non-inclusive talk and abusive language.

Intellectual: A person who thinks he is intelligent but is in fact the laughing stock among common citizens.

Leftist: A communist who unflinchingly loves Mao and Stalin and still can claim in the same breath that certain democratically elected leaders are vile dictators.

Historian: A person who believes that history is true only if it is coloured in red.

Nehruvian Consensus: A name given to the dictatorial Congress ecosystem consisting of Leftists, secularists, liberals, intellectuals and historians (as mentioned above).

Fascist: Anything which is not part of the Nehruvian Consensus (as mentioned above).

Troll: Anyone who even mildly disagrees with your opinion.

Bias: Anything that even leans moderately Right. Leaning even far Left continues to be firmly in the realms of neutral territory. Ref: Nehruvian Consensus.

Twitter: The hotbed of right-wing Fascists, the new underground.

Pogrom/genocide: Any major riot left after removing the Nellie Massacre, the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, all other major riots in Congress-ruled States like 1969, 1980, 1989 and 1991-92.

These definitions by Sunil Rajguru

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