Manmohan Singh and state of the nation musings 6…

C for Congress.
C for Corruption.
C for Communalism.
C for Crony Capitalism.
C for Chamchas.
C for Ctr-Alt-Del.

What happened when Manmohan Singh called the Economy, Rupee, Petrol to a game of Ring a ring o roses?
What else?
Remember the end…
“We all fall down.”

Lagta hai 2014 main MMS, Chidu, Rupee sab ek saath retire ho jaayenge.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Silsila of the lonely Prime Minister…

Main aur meri tanhaai, aksar ye baatein karte hai,
Reed ki haddi: Tum hoti to kaisi hota,
Tum ye kahati, Tum woh kahati,
Tum is decision pe hairaan hoti, tum us scheme pe kitni hansti,
Tum hoti to main accha hotaa, tum hoti to main dhang ka kaam karta,
Main aur meri tanhaai, Aksar ye baatain karate hain…
Economy enters and sings…
Ye kahaan aa gaye hum, yunhi saath saath chalte…

This Spoof by Sunil Rajguru

(Original Song: Ye kahaan aa gaye hum.
Film: Silsila.
Year: 1981.)

How the economic downturn affects us all…

Head of State: Oh man! That just means more speeches, more meetings, more strategies, more disenchanted voters… and just when I was looking down to settling down to have a relaxing end of term and re-election!

Industrialist: Now my topline and bottomline will be hit (hitting my ego big-time), I’ll have to retrench (I don’t give a damn, but will have to show that I care), I may have to sell one luxury car (to show the media that I’m affected)… and I might have to seek more help from those dratted politicians. Think I’ll just take a long foreign vacation to de-stress.

Rich Western Banker: Damn! I might have to sell my swank new yacht. I used it just once!
Damn these downturns!

Neo-rich Family: What? Eh! Economic downturn?!? Really? Errr… Umm…

Criminal: Really? Who cares!

Middle Class Dude: Inflation! Grrr! Petrol hikes! Grrr! EMIs! Grrr! Politicians! Grrr! Economists! Grrr!
Stress. Anger. Frustration.
“OK, let’s just eat out and watch a movie this weekend to forget all about it!”

Lower Class Sufferer: And I thought I’d be dead by now with my record-low-calorie diet… anyway, time to set a new record for eating much less, working much more and still surviving to live another day…

Destitute Class Human: Another one just fell off the face of the Earth by dying due to hunger and starvation without having the foggiest clue about Marx, Keynes, Hayek, downturns, upturns… and without anyone giving him the slightest damn.

© Sunil Rajguru

Decoding the Wall Street protests…

Styles of government…

∙ First there was Monarchial Dictatorship….

People revolted and that became a minority.

∙ Then there was Religious Dictatorship….

People shook that off too and its impact has lessened.

∙ Then came Ideological Dictatorships like Communism….

The sham was exposed and they’re on their way out too.

∙ Also on the decline are things like Military and Aristocratic Dictatorships…

∙ While a majority of countries in the world have democracy today (the Economist Democracy Index lists only about one-third of the countries of the world as authoritarian regimes)…

…there’s still Economic Dictatorship (another name for the way Capitalism is practiced today)…

The people have finally risen against that and best of luck to them!

© Sunil Rajguru