April 2017 Status Updates

facebook-715811_640Since we are Hindus, RIP means…
Reincarnate In Peace.

(April 28)

Among politicians there was a time when no-one wanted to even touch the BJP.
Today everyone wants to join it.

Road Romeo was taken from Romeo & Juliet.
Eve-teaser was taken from Adam & Eve.
Road Romeo and Eve-teaser are virtually synonyms.
There’s no Adam & Juliet.

(April 3)

If aliens attack us on April 1, then there will be no counter-attack as nobody would believe it in the first place.

Fortune favours the brave.
Fortune favours fools.
But fortune doesn’t favour fools who get too bold by half.

1947-64: Daughter of Prime Minister.
1964-66: Cabinet Minister.
1966-77: Prime Minister.
1977-80: Leader of Opposition.
1980-84: Prime Minister.
Indira Gandhi. 37 years of pure power.

(April 1)

These versions by Sunil Rajguru