February 2017 Status Updates

Dada ho ya Dhoni ya ho Kohli.
Ekhaad match main total collapse zaroori hota hai.

(February 25)

Incredible India.
A will walk on the road and yell at two-wheeler if he comes close.
A two-wheeler will come on the pavement and yell at pedestrian to get away.

(February 13)

Fan 1: By records, Sachin is the greatest.
Fan 2: By victories, Dhoni is the greatest.
Fan 3: By both, Kohli is the greatest.

Great Test player.
Great ODI player.
Great iT20 player.
Great IPL player.
Great captain in all of the above.

(February 10)

Donald Trump’s mother was a Scottish immigrant.
His paternal grandparents were German immigrants.
His first wife was a Czech immigrant.
His current wife is a Slovenian immigrant.

(February 5)

Mahatma Gandhi is not the Father of the Nation.
He is the Father of the National currency.
His face has come on 1000, 500, 100, 50, 10… Rupee notes.

+ #Jio
= Mobile Data revolution.

(February 4)

What a fall!
First attack…
Then his core team.
Then any BJP leader.
Then any random Sangh member.
Now his Twitter followers.

So many Nehru blunders are being unearthed that soon we’ll just have a very short list of things that Nehru didn’t commit any blunders.

If Nitish officially joins hands with Modi then suddenly people will start noticing all of Bihar’s problems.

None of India’s problems have been solved but now the smartphone gives you an always at hand 24X7 distraction 365 days a year.

By the time an Indian city completes infrastructure upgrade for x people, the population becomes 2x.

(February 3)

These versions by Sunil Rajguru