Indian word meanings and their usage…

Mamata: Love and affection.
Usage: There is a surfeit of Mamata in the UPA nowadays.

Mulayam: Soft.
Usage: The Samajwadi Party suddenly went Mulayam towards the Congress in the Presidential race.

Manmohan: One who wins everybody’s heart.
Usage: Contradictorily, the Prime Minister is no manmohan even though Manmohan is the Prime Minister.

: An ideal.
Usage: The Indian Army believes fully in the concept of Adarsh.

Satyam: The Sanskrit word for truth.
Usage: IT in India always goes by the Satyam mantra.

Barkha: New season.
Usage: The Niira Radia tapes heralded a Barkha in Indian journalism.

Rashtra Mandal
: Commonwealth of nations.
Usage: The Rashtra Mandal Games was a showcase of the real India in more ways than one.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru