Why is Facebook getting so desperate?

(On the right side top of Facebook is a Suggestions section. If you’re on Facebook and have seen that, then read on…)

Facebook suggests…

Go on, poke ABC now! (Yikes! Why? For what joy?)

DEF doesn’t have a profile picture, suggest one. (Do I look like a mobile picture library to you?)

Reconnect with GHI, write on his Wall. (Reconnect? Aren’t we too connected on Facebook in the first place?)

Reconnect with JKL, send him a message. (Send a message just like that? You mean spam him?)

MNO: You haven’t talked on Facebook lately. Write on his Wall. (Haven’t talked on Facebook lately? Where and who are you? My wife thinks I’m a Facebook Addict, First Class)

PQR: Make Facebook better for him. Send him a message. (Sending inane messages for no reason will make Facebook better? Hmmmm)

STU is 5% active, write him a message. (Haven’t you heard of the term: Let sleeping dogs lie!)

VWX is a fan of Criminals of the World Unite, Become a Fan! (Hello! Do you even understand the name of the group you are recommending Mr Facebook Mathematical God Knows How and Why You Calculate Suggestions Algorithm?)

XYZ only has 6 friends suggest a few more. (Maybe this guy is not as crazy as I am in adding Friends left right and centre, can’t you just leave him alone?)

© Sunil Rajguru