You know you’re a 2020 addict when…

1. Whenever there’s any cause for celebration in your life, you wonder where all the cheerleaders are.

2. You watch the first session of the first day of the Test match and put it off after that thinking the match has ended in a draw.

3. In the office you feel the need for a “Strategy Break” every hour or so.

4. You’re totally bored out of your skull when you watch an ODI.

5. Being a Bangalorean, you involuntarily start for cheering for Jacques Kallis in an India-South Africa match.

6. You look at Royal Challenge Premium Whiskey and think there’s a spelling mistake: Where’s the missing r?

7. You put SetMax on at 9pm and wonder why the hell they are showing an old Hindi movie.

8. You were a Shahrukh Khan fan before IPL2 started, but you can’t stand him any more.

9. You call every Delhiite you meet a Daredevil and every Chennaiite a Superking.

10. You Google search Bradman’s 2020 average.

11. You watch an India-Australia match and are surprised to find out that Warne, Gilchrist and Hayden are all retired.

12. You think Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a Tamilian.

13. You vote for Vijay Mallya for Businessman of The Year Award because his team made it to the IPL finals.

14. You start buying Deccan Chronicle because Deccan Chargers won the IPL.

15. You suddenly want everything in your life to be quicker and shorter and more exciting.

© Sunil Rajguru