The Social Butterfly Effect…

The Butterfly Effect
The flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas.

The Social Butterfly Effect
The flapping of a social butterfly’s wings in Dubai can set off a political tornado in India.

A social butterfly flaps her wings in Dubai.
Gets sweat equity in a club cricket team in Kochi.
Leads to the resignation of the Minister of State for External Affairs.
Makes a Maharashtrian central minister squirm along with his colleagues.
Results in unprecedented Income Tax raids at the offices of the premier cricket body.
Checkmates a high-flying cricket club league chairman and commissioner.
Has industrialists scrambling for records of agreements and bids.
Brings to light government eavesdropping on the high and mighty of the land.
Gets the political Opposition screaming and shouting, only to fall flat on a Cut Motion.
Puts the Queen of Uttar Pradesh and the Queen of India together at last.
Ends up in making a Jharkhand politician forget which side he is voting for.
Infuriates a leading political party into withdrawing support to the forgetful politician.

Itna political tornado kaafi nahin kya?
…but the effects are still being felt and will be felt for some more time…

© Sunil Rajguru