Mumbai blasts… it’s just empty words and grave numbers…

Dear Rahul Gandhi,
You say 1% incidents will take place.
Can you give an account of the 99% that were stopped?
For example in the last decade alone there have been six major attacks on Mumbai.
Can you give an account of the 594 foiled attacks?
It’s simple mathematics.

Dear Diggy Raja,
You are right.
We are much better than Pakistan.
And oh by the way, you sure are giving the Pakistani politicians a run for their money!

Dear Ashok Chavan,
You claim to have had a “shocking and unacceptable” communication breakdown that unnerved you?
Welcome to our world.
Citizens of India have been unnerved by a shocking and unacceptable breakdown between them and politicians on issues like terrorism and corruption for more than 15 years now.

Dear Manmohan Singh,
When it comes to Mumbai, it is better to be Safe than to be Resilient.

Dear P Chidambaram,
Of course there was no Intelligence Failure.
For that, there has to be Political Intelligence in the first place.

Dear Manmohan Singh,
Element of surprise?
What do you expect?
Terrorists will call you and then strike?
Even if they did that, one wonders whether the state apparatus would still be able to do anything.

…justice will be done… high time… enough is enough… we will unitedly fight… remain calm… resilience… perpetrators will be caught… terror will not be tolerated… are just empty words which have got merged with grave numbers… 12/3… 23/1… 2/11… 13/3… 25/8… 11/7… 26/11… 13/7…

(These versions by Sunil Rajguru)