Today’s random musings…

There has been no growth in Pranab Mukherjee’s life.
In 1982 he was presenting the Union Budget.
After 30 years in 2012, he is still presenting the Union Budget.

∙ Congress ka TDS kat gaya: Will take support of unreliable Trinamool, scamster DMK or even goonda SP to stay in power at any cost.

∙ Earlier, everyone was worried about the health of Anna Hazare, but not the nation’s health.
Nowadays, nobody is even worried about Anna’s health.

Kyun re mera electorate Rushdie Rushdie karta hai?
The Political Verses trumps the Satanic Verses any day.

∙ They said the Euro would be usher in Utopia.
But it has just remained a dreamy Utopian Union.

© Sunil Rajguru