Tamil Nadu politics theatre of the absurd

If Amma had OPS, don’t worry…
Chinamma has EPS.
Both ensure UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) even when jailed.

But Palanisamy has Sasikala’s legacy.
And Sasikala has Jaya’s legacy.
And Jaya had MGR’s legacy.
And MGR had Anna’s legacy.
And Anna had Periyar’s legacy.

The nominee of the friend of the late Chief Minister is far more powerful than the popular choice and till recently sitting Chief Minister.

Alternating Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu…
1991-2001: Karuna-Jaya-Karuna-Jaya.
2011-2017: Jaya-OPS-Jaya-OPS.
2001-11: All 3.
Palanisamy breaks the trend.

SC sacks Sasikala.
Sasikala sacks OPS.
At this rate Tamil Nadu will sack ADMK.

Had Manmohan done an OPS, he too would have been set aside.
But he would have got tremendous respect and UPA looting would have been more difficult.

OPS is Acting Chief Minister.
Sasikala is acting like a Chief Minister.
Manmohan wasn’t even acting like a Prime Minister, but puppet.

Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers of just 2 odd months…
1. Jaya.
2. OPS.
3. Palanisamy.
Almost: Sasikala.
Will 2017 see yet another?

Sasikala is really ill.
She, like hundreds of politicians before her, has an acute case of convictitis.

Tamil Nadu’s theme song…
OPS I did it again!

So both New Delhi and Tamil Nadu fail to get their third woman Chief Minister.
#KiranBedi #Sasikala

1. TN Governor suddenly has great foresight.
2. Swamy always has the last laugh.
3. What if Jaya had been alive?
4. Rajinikanth entry?

Power in Tamil Nadu is AC and not DC.
(Alternating Chief-minister)

First Dynasty meant descendants.
Then spouses and relatives.
Now it covers “friends” too.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru