When the AAP turned to violence…

Under AAP, India’s GDP will rise exponentially.
(Goondagardi Dharnas Personal attacks)

With all the FIRs being filed against AAP even if they eventually do come to power, their leaders will have to take oath of office on bail.

Every party = Violence + Arrogance + + Corruption + Governance.
AAP = Violence + Arrogance.
No Governance.
No Corruption but only because No real chance to do it yet.

Step 1: Provoke, create nuisance in enemy ground.
Step 2: Shout at authorities to get detained.
Step 3: Use it as pretext to attack rival.
Step 4: Rival hits back.
Step 5: Media spotlight back!
Mission accomplished!

They wanted to be…
The First Party.
They have become…
The FIR party.
#Dharna #KhirkiRaid #BJPOfficeAttack

Hum eenth ka jawaab pathar se denge,
Aur Indian politics ko Stone Age me le jaayenge.

It’s the BJP’s fault.
Kejriwal is the law.
How can he be retained even if it’s his fault?

Delhi to sirf jhaaki hai,
Saara Bharat baaki hai.

AAP: We will replace the BJP!
(Not happening!)
AAP: OK, we will replace the Congress.
(Not happening!)
AAP: OK, we will replace the MNS.
(Ah, possible!)

The AAP is like the weakling who keeps provoking the bully.
If the bully keeps quiet, provocation continues, if he hits back then the weakling gets sympathy.

Pre-1947: Mahatma Gandhi masters the art of peaceful protests.
2014: The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi participates in a protest that turns violent.

Kejriwal: I would like to thank Modi’s Gujarat for arresting me. I am back in the headlines again! Yippeeee!!!!!

Q: How will Kejriwal end criminalization of politics?
A: By breaking multiple laws.
#CuttingPowerConnections #Dharnas #Section144 #Vigilantism #Defamation #ModelCodeOfConduct

These versions by Sunil Rajguru