Congress ki Mahabharat…

The Government is under siege and believes it is fighting a Mahabharat…

Manmohan is Dhritrashtra and cannot see or do anything.

Congress treats Sonia like Krishna: Someone of divine origin whose counsel cannot be wrong.

In Cyberspace, Kapil Sibal thinks he’s Bheem and can flatten anyone there.

Diggy Raja thinks he’s Yudhistir and hence incapable of telling a lie.

Congress spokespersons think they are Arjuns and their brilliant verbal arrows always hit the target precisely.

Rahul thinks he’s Bheeshma and won’t marry or stake his claim for the throne.

According to them the Kauravas are 1. BJP, 2. Civil Society, 3. CAG, 4. Swamy, 5. Baba Ramdev…….. 100. YSR.

For the common citizens, it’s really a Mahascambharat and the Congress is Abhimanyu, getting caught in its own scam chakravyuha.

This version by Sunil Rajguru