Why this Kolaveri (me)Di(ocrity)?

Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri (me)Di(ocrity)?
Why this Kolaveri downright (me)Di(ocrity)?
In the glorious land of Ilaiyaraaja and Rehman, why this monstrosity?
What if this dude was not from Rajni Sir’s family—but from anonymity?
Would he still have got this same nationwide acceptability?
Anyway, forget it… I know I’m just in a miniscule minority…

White skin-u, girl-u with black heart-u very politically correct-u I tell-u,
Indian music-u future really dark-u, going in reverse-u, in total soup-u,
What a beautiful-u storm-u in a tea-cup-u!
Or maybe the whole country is drunk-u on scotch-u,
Welcome to cyberspace-u, just be really good-u or be atrociously bad-u,
And you can as well-u get-u ten million hits-u,
Just like Rebecca Black and her Friday with her 167 million hits-u…

This Faalt-u Spoof-u by Sunil Rajgur-u