Has anyone heard of Windsor Manor?

I went to Windsor Manor (now ITC Windsor) after years.

Most of the autowallahs looked at me as if I was talking about a foreign country.

Old Airport Road? JP Nagar? They queried. I think only the 10th or 12th autowallah had heard of it.


When I came to Bangalore in 1988, there were only 3-4 5-stars including Windsor Manor which was a landmark and every autowallah knew it very well.

Windsor Manor was also the famous setting for Kamal Haasan’s Pushpaka Vimana film in 1987 (The Windsor Manor bridge scene with the dead beggar is iconic) and was once the hub of the high and mighty.

New Bangalore has slowly been crushing Old Bangalore out of existence and at least people like me have been denying it for years.

Bengaluru: The city of a thousand multiplex screens?

seating-2240032_640In India, PVR’s first 11-screen multiplex was in Bengaluru. (Forum)

PVR’s second 11-screen multiplex was in Bengaluru. (Orion)

Now PVR’s third 11-screen multiplex is also coming up in Bengaluru. (Vega)

Bengaluru will also become the first city in India to have two 9-screen multiplexes. (A lot of cities have only one.)

We already have Marketcity even as Xander is coming up.

As if that’s not enough, then they’re also planning another 7-screen multiplex (Elements).

This is not even counting the other multiplexes of other brands.

When I first came to Bengaluru, someone said it was “The city of a 100 cinema halls”.

With the way it’s going it will soon be known as…

“The city of a 1000 multiplex screens”.