August 2016 Status Updates

Trump = Alt-Right Hillary… Control Ctr-Delete Ctr-Alt-Delete

Those shouting over Modi’s silence over little crimes would shout the loudest if he dismissed the Bihar government for its million crimes.

(August 27)

So far Obama is history’s biggest snooper and persecutor of whistleblowers.

Judge: Did RSS kill Gandhi? Pappu to his lawyer: Aaaj odd hain ki even hai? #RahulRSSFlip

I have a feeling that even during Modi2 we will be discussing UPA2 scams.

National Herald. AgustaWestland. Scorpene Leaks. 2 years into the new government, UPA2 scams are still trending big time.

Some Twitter trends are priceless like… #NavyInfoLeaksParrikarSleeps The leak took place when Sleeping Beauty Manmohan Singh was PM.

(August 26)

6/14 Abhay Deol films are in the Indian IMDb Top 250. But he’s usually out of a job because Bollywood hates really good films.

(August 24)

Bollywood Only film industry where you’ve to pass through Dance School, Bodybuilding School & Fight School to join & learn acting on the job

(August 23)Man created the Industrial Revolution to fast track his path of progress.
The Devil created the Communist Manifesto to peg mankind back.

No result in #IndVsWI final Test.
Long batting innings?
Not really.
Then why?
A: No drainage.

(August 22)

Cross-branding idea…
Star Wars between the Avengers & Justice League in the Star Trek universe infested with dinosaurs from Jurassic World.

(August 13)

Baap #AnupamKher
1980s main heroine ko shaadi nahin karne deta tha.
2010s main hero ko khelne nahin deta hai.

(August 12)

Today #Ind play West Indies in Darren Sammy Stadium.
P.S. Darren Sammy has been told he’s not good enough to play in Darren Sammy Stadium.
Kejri exposed with 2013 Communist Manifesto.
Fully exposed with 2014 dharna.
Still won 2015.
All logic out of window.
He can still win 2020.

(August 9)

Post-2000 Gujarat politics
Patels didn’t do well
#Keshubhai #Anandiben (Quit) #Hardik (Arrested)
Non-patels did well
#Modi #AmitShah #Rupani

(August 6)

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