Reincarnation. Why?

The traditional belief of reincarnation
A life once, twice, thrice and many more times
A life full of suffering, anguish, despair and agony
Dreams and nightmares, hopes
The growth of a life, drop by drop
And effort of years and of generations
Worldly success, shorlived joy
Spiritual abyss, lingering sadness…
A lone life observing mankind
Womankind squashed, helplessness butchered
A law of the might
God sold, a religion of hatred
And in the end, its back to dust
The futility of it all
The destruction of all things created
Surely the soul is too wise
to change more than one suffering body

© Sunil Rajguru

The Book of Mankind

Mankind is a book
and every letter
represents a living soul
The book is complete only if
all the letters are present
and in their proper order
But the book as whole
is never preserved
Individual letters aren’t valued
words and paras perish
or blur
Sometimes whole chapters are wiped out
vacuums created
rendering the text invalid
Pages don’t form a sequence
and are in conflict
and torn out
The protective cover
detached itself ages back
and the snow white pages
exposed to the dirt and smoke
of the atmosphere
are getting dirtier and dirtier
The gutter spaces have blackened
Lines have ceased to make sense
It is no wonder that
fails to read the book of man

© Sunil Rajguru

The Bandh

Unwillingly the shutters go down
all of them
The busy places of transaction
exchange nothing
The overcrowded streets
a lone dog on the prowl
and none may dare to
stem the tide
else face a backlash
forces interested in their own cause
The merchant rues his loss
the labourer stares at the cold chulha
as money the mover
stays locked in vaults
and does none good
The household whiles time in
restless anxiety
the child stares and wonders
As the whole town
waits for a fresh sun
And under this fresh sun
The forces sit back and look at
What they’ve achieved…

© Sunil Rajguru

For A Cause

A man fires a gun—for a cause
A missile explodes—for a bigger cause
for every cause there is a bomb
for every bomb there is a cause

My cause is different from your’s
your’s different from mine
so I kill you and
you’d rather drink my blood than your wine

Scruples vanish
races exterminate. Conflicts rage
borders vanish and reappear
countries attack. men age

But mother Earth quenches her thirst
with blood as much as water
and the soil retains its fertility
with human bodies as manure

so go. Defend your cause!
kill they neighbour
mine is one cause
your’s another

© Sunil Rajguru

Death Before Birth

The birth of a life
in a mother’s womb
A dormant seed in hibernation
waiting to breathe fresh air
and see the world with its tiny eyes
growing slowly, steadily and beautifully
Blind, defenceless and unaware
Of the plot to end it life
by the very medium
whose duty it was
to suffer the labours and give birth
To protect. To feed. To kiss…
But a kiss it does receive
A mother’s kiss of death
for no reason of its own
other than being of one sex
instead of another

© Sunil Rajguru

Cruel Judge

They said it would happen
but it didn’t
They said he would come
but no
Once it seemed
now it doesn’t
If only I had done this
or that
I wish I could have

The Cruel Judge
Settles all cases
and leaves none pending
No appeals. No proof. No arguments
No going back
No choice
other than
accepting its cruel harsh verdict

© Sunil Rajguru

The Zoo

Iron bars, cages and walls of pleasure
Four legs walk in fear as
pairs of eyes watch in delight
Free animals come to watch those which aren’t
a spectacle for the eyes
Man, who separated himself from nature ages back
snatches the children of nature
to entertain his own children
Food without toil
an artificial and permanent shade
No right to prey or be preyed
The hunter and hunted are jointly
showpieces in a cabinet
A place where innocents are put into prison
without a crime, trial or judgement
Yet a life sentence is passed on all of them

© Sunil Rajguru

The Slave

He sits in front of the computer
presses various buttons –> commands!
an alphabet appears, then another and another
thousands, nay millions appear
race along the screen (and behind it) and disappear
They are all his slaves
living in a different world
at his beck and call…
…or perhaps…
he is a slave of all of them

© Sunil Rajguru


The baby cries a cry of hunger
A cry that vanishes into the night
The mother ignores her blood calling out
and the father doesn’t hear at all
The child who’s playing with himself
looks up and walks to the cradle
with fatherly eyes he looks at
the bundle of flesh
and says, “Don’t cry…
out of all your companions
good and bad
hunger will be the most faithful
so put it out of your stomach
and into your heart
That’s the way you’ll have to live and survive”
The baby looks hard with wizened eyes
then closes them
and with a pained face
enters the world of nod
its only world of plenty
But it has already learnt its
lesson of life…

© Sunil Rajguru

The Loss

The old man in tattered clothes
unshaven with a gangling walk
steps into the street
with sparkling eyes
clutching a few small old currency notes
Suddenly from behind come four men
running and laughing
they gang up and snatch his small treasure
The laughter reverberates around the old man
Who stares at his empty hands
and startled, he screams, pleads and cries
And the laughter vanishes along with the men
But then it returns
the old man stops crying
and starts laughing
and walks on
laughing hysterically on his way
and then that laughter too vanishes…

© Sunil Rajguru

The Sad Satellite

What is the difference between day and night?
To the caveman
they were two different worlds
The sun ruled the day
the moon the night
Then fire was tamed
and its light competed with that of the sun
and we had miniature says all over
in a single night
Then light in a wire came and
changed the rules of the game
like never before
Some day we may have a billion
floodlights everywhere in the world
We’d have a surrogate day in the night
The chief satellite would be eclipsed
Would it become sad?
and storm to the kingdom of the day
and eclipse the sun
Then what would we do?

© Sunil Rajguru

The Dreamworld

Night. The eternal sea of darkness
Sleep. The strange boat visiting faraway dreamlands
Lands unknown to science and logic
Islands of desires and fears
The world of the bizarre and the simple
Places not understood, not seen, but felt
Time is at the time of creation or at eternity
or doesn’t exist at all
as don’t the five senses
which are replaced by a sixth sense
that suffices them and goes beyond
to realize a second universe within the human mind
A universe more black, more large, more unknown
more lonely and less understood
than the one that surrounds us
But with the awakening of slumber
Both the sixth sense and second universe
vanish… and are forgotten
and we are left poorer
with five simple senses and one small world

© Sunil Rajguru