A Piece of Freedom

There is so much suffering in my heart
so many tears that I have held back
so much that my tongue has to say
so much substance that my words lack

My memories strain under the burden
my thoughts are too heavy for my mind
my feelings slowly sink into the past
as my very self I fail to find

I stare at the empty darkness
as I’m locked in a door less room
the four bare walls, floor and ceiling
all together spell my doom

I years for a small free space
and just one breath of fresh air
I yearn for just one moment of life
a moment I can live without care

© Sunil Rajguru

We are our Ghosts

Life is an elephant’s burden
on an ant’s back
The punishments outweigh
the rewards
Nothing is worth living for
or dying for
All around is misery
increasing by the second
and time passes

Life is a game of chance
but God is the Gambler

We live in a world of dreams
Each thing around us
is a mere phantom
Just an image of the real thing
which doesn’t exist
We live in our own houses
of imagination
and we are our own ghosts

© Sunil Rajguru

Where is my song?

My blood rushes as my heart recoils
My body convulses as my head boils
My conscience shudders as my soul awakes
My mouth vomits as my stomach aches
I fall down as my legs can’t carry
I don’t look up as my eyes see a haze
My hands are stiff and self unwilling
The burden of guilt is slowly killing
My self, my depths and my soul
God… save me from this hellhole

My tongue doesn’t speak—it’s been too loose
Too late. What now? It’s no use.
My shoulders are crushed under the burden
My back has been totally broken
I speak no more, do no more
Think no more. Hope no more.
I’m like a grave. Dead and lifeless
The heart is full of pain yet expression painless
What is right? What is wrong?
God! Where the hell is my song?

© Sunil Rajguru

Dazzling Love

Your love is like a bright ray
a ray so bright
that it blinds me and I can see nothing
Your love is like a thought
a thought so beautiful
that my mind cannot hold it
Your love is like a melody
a melody so sweet
that I fall into a slumber,
oblivious to the world
Your love is like a dream
a dream that vanishes
when I awake from my sleep

Your love is like a star
a star so high and remote
that I cannot reach it

© Sunil Rajguru

The Searcher

He wanders from door to door
In search of…
in vain
He begs, pleads, prays and hopes
to find an open heart
with a giving hand
For a microscopic
fragment of somebody’s health
that would make him a millionaire
in his small world
No dreams, ambitions or wild desires
Just the hope that
his tiny hand will be full today
But more often than not
he encounters
closed doors, deaf ears and unseeing eyes
and his fists remain clenched
enclosing nothing but

© Sunil Rajguru

The Idiot Box

A squarish piece of glass flashes images
of all the places of the world
of all the periods of time
of all the known emotions of man
Transports multitudes
into an untrue land of truth
and impoverishes them
separating them from
the real world around them
and uniting them with
the false phantoms of real people

© Sunil Rajguru