60 of my predictions that came true…

It is very difficult to predict, especially the future. But still we all keep trying. While I’ve been wrong a number of times, I’ve had my share of successes. In the last century I was unable record my spot on predictions, but now thanks to social media and blogging, it’s quite easy to do so and verify later.

So here’s looking at 60 of my predictions-conjectures-premises that came true-stood the test of time…

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lotus-614495_960_7201. BJP would be about 300 and NDA about 360 in the general elections
6 April, 2019

2. BJP could get the highest number of seats in every region
21 May 2019

3. The NDA vote count could be 250 million plus
17 May, 2019

4. BJP would be the single largest party in these States
9 April, 2019

narendra-modi-2112081_6405. I predicted a Modi landslide in 2018 itself…
9 reasons…
22 July, 2018

6. Even before the 2019 polls I said it would be a great year for Modi… 10 reasons…
30 April, 2019

7. 2019 would be a Modi tsunami as against a 2014 wave
8 March, 2019
4 April, 2019

trump-3123765_960_7208. In 2015 itself I had said that Trump Haters could well end making him US President
14 December, 2015

9. I said early on Hillary would never be US President…
8 reasons…
1 January, 2016

hillary-1724469_960_72010. Trump would win because he had more Twitter followers than Hillary
1 April, 2016
30 June, 2016

11. I called him a Trump card even before the Republican primaries concluded… 10 reasons…
19 March, 2016

12. I said Trump would rise and win and surprise in 2016 much the way Modi did in 2014
28 January, 2016

13. Trump may win because he’s less hated than Hillary
7 June, 2016

shahrukh-khan-2380411_64014. Shah Rukh Khan’s superstar career would end with Dilwale
4 January, 2016

15. Fan and Raees would not be genuine blockbusters
9 January, 2016

16. SRK’s continued alienation of Bollywood fans wouldn’t go down well…
15, October 2016

Bonus: Multiplex would be the new superstar
03 May, 2016

cricket-150561_64017. 2011—Why India will win the World Cup
5 March, 2011

18. A Kovind type dark horse would be India President
31 March, 2016

19. Smriti Irani would bounce back despite losing HRD (2016)
8 July, 2016

parliament-2028311_64020. AAP would perform poorly in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls…
9 January, 2014

21. …but AAP could make a comeback in the Assembly despite the above…
26 February, 2014

22. …and AAP would implode in the long run…

AAP won’t survive: 14 April, 2014

7 AAP contradictions: 26 February, 2014

AAP under siege: 22 April, 2014

Kejri is afraid: 19 May, 2014

7 Kejri myths: 31 December, 2013

23. 2016—Mrs Vadra would fail if she entered politics
13 May, 2016

24. 2014—Mrs Vadra may not even contest an election
28 April, 2014

25. Modi would do nothing for Ram Mandir in his first term
30 November, 2015

26. 2011—Modi can still be PM
At that time very few people gave him a chance
19 September, 2011

Unifier people-3152585_960_72027. Modi is actually a great unifier (2014)
Time magazine called him a divider before the 2019 polls and a unifier after it
26 April, 2014

Modi’s 7 unifying themes: 16 February, 2016

28. 2013—Only Modi could save the BJP
The party was in a really bad shape at that point of time
9 January, 2013

Bonus: Why I support Modi (Despite the opposition)—2013
21 June, 2013

money-1811937_64029. DeMo wouldn’t dent Modi and he was in it for the long haul
11 March, 2017
18 November, 2016

10 long-term goals of DeMo: 22 December, 2016

Why you shouldn’t complain about DeMo: 11 November, 2016

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Bonus—Confessions of someone totally unaffected by demonetization: 20 November, 2016

30. 2016—Kanhaiya would fail big
4 March, 2016
2 May, 2016

donald-trump-1757583_64031. Shortly after he took over, I said Trump would be a great effective disruptor
5 March, 2017

32. I said Trump was undergoing a Rajyog and hence unbeatable
29 December, 2017

33. 2017—US Trump-Russia collusion is a big hoax, Mueller was dead in the water
30 June, 2017

8 shifting goalposts of the Mueller probe: 24 April, 2019

star-wars-Feminism34. 2017—Star Wars was crashing
23 December, 2017

But the problem started with Episode 7: 26 April, 2019

DSC_010335. 2005—Kodak on road to bankruptcy
Finally happened in 2012
October 2005

36. 2016—Global Right will keep rising
January 2016, Updated

2013—India’s Rightward journey
19 February, 2013

nehru-2361331_64037. 2014—Pappu would be effectively last of his dynasty
31 May, 2014

38. Congress peaked in 2018
19 March, 2019

How the Congress keeps sabotaging itself, updated after the 2019 loss: 24 November, 2018, Updated

39. Modi would make a comeback after the 2015 Delhi-Bihar losses
9 November, 2015
Modi bounced back after his Annus Horribilis 2018 too

2017—Modi undergoing Rajyog
June 2016, Updated

press-2333329_64040. Decline of US mainstream media post-Trump
15 December, 2015

41. 2014—Mamata would destroy West Bengal
3 July, 2014

Terror musings: 27 October, 2014

7 Mamata flop shows: 22 November, 2012

cricket-662956_64042. 2015—IPL owners’ curse…
…after which Mallya had to flee, SRK’s fortunes declined, Wadia arrested
4 April, 2015

43. IPL Icons were unlucky. Dravid, Yuvi Sehwag never won.
MI, KKR and DC won after Sachin, Dada and Laxman left. Dhoni was never officially an icon!
10 March, 2010

44. 2014—Rise of Yogi
11 September, 2014

45. 2014—The 2019 BJP monopoly
4 November, 2014

traffic-671399_960_72046. Kejriwal’s New Delhi Odd Even policy would fail
9 December, 2015

47. 2016—Djoko could get a calendar Grand Slam that year
5 June, 2016

Can Djoko be the greatest? 16 July 2018, Updated

48. After 2014, Congress never really had a chance
May 17, 2014
22 December, 2014
2 May, 2016

49. Even a Modi spoof on why he personally didn’t direct any arrests from 2014-19
17 July, 2016

gate-way-of-india-2429648_960_72050. 2014—BJP could get Maharashtra
26 September, 2014

51. 2015—Nothing would come of the Essar leaks
4 March, 2015

52. 2016—Sidhu is always unpredictable
27 July, 2016

sex-987183_960_72053. 2015—Porn ban is impossible
7 August, 2015

54. 2015—Anna a spent force and now irrelevant
21 February, 2015

55. 2014—Aamir wasn’t done yet at the box office
31 January, 2014

Bonus on Aamir: 5 January, 2015
3 January, 2017

cricket-753940_64056. 2013—We can never hang on to our fast bowlers, still the story today!
11 March, 2013

57. 2005—CGI would continue to rule Hollywood
20 September, 2005

58. 2014—Why Kohli may one day be the greatest ever
7 April, 2014

putin-2972184_960_72059. 1991—USSR-Russia had been alternating between a hardliner and reformist.
Then reformist Yelstin was in charge and it was natural for a hardliner (Putin to follow), who faced great opposition, but subdued it.
31 July, 1991

60. 2005—Cyber activism here to stay
August 8, 2005

Our social media decade: 10 May 2014

Interesting factoid…
olympic-games-1608127_960_7201948-92, India won just one individual medal.
I wrote this limerick after India’s debacle at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics where we drew a blank for the umpteenth time.
India has won at least one individual medal in each and every Olympics after that…
17 August, 1992

Now here are my 10 future predictions!!!

communism-17143_640In the early 1980s, my biggest prediction was that the Communist regime would collapse in the USSR. I don’t know if any of my friends remember. However when it finally happened I was so shocked by the sudden coming down of the Berlin Wall and overnight collapse of most global Communist regimes and the unprecedented way it panned out, that I put it in 15 things I never thought could happen as a kid anyway. So even if we get a prediction right, we may be surprised by its suddenness and unpredicted consequences. So one’s prediction may not seem like a prediction at all!

Before the 2014 Indian central ministers’ swearing in ceremony I remarked that Amit Shah would be Home Minister only in 2019, though alas I didn’t put that down in writing at the time.

So here are some things I am putting down in cyberspace…

Note: If they all go wrong, then I still have the above.
If most of them get right, then… Should I call myself a modern day Nostradamus?

donald-trump-1708433_6401. 2020: Trump will get a near landslide and win the Senate too and totally turn the Supreme Court conservative after that.
If this happens he would be the greatest US President ever.

2. 2024: If everything goes wrong for Modi, he will still win, but if everything goes right, then BJP 350+ and NDA 400+.
He will fix Pakistan and Kashmir once and for all.
After 2024 Modi will be declared the greatest Indian post-1947.

China3. China will collapse the way USSR went down.
So in the long run India will be more powerful!

4. Global Right parties will generally continue to dominate the 2020s.

5. The following are facing a meltdown…
Indian Congress, US Democrats, UK Conservatives and EU.

apocalyptic-2392380_960_7206. The Leftist Climate Change debate (not Climate Change itself) will totally unravel in the 2020s.
Fossil fuels are irreplaceable in the coming decades and only nuclear energy can be a strong No. 2. That’s also why electric cars will never cross a certain threshold.

7. We may see another tech market crash due to the raw immense power of the global tech giants and their clashes with various governments and organizations like the EU. Anti-trust also an issue.
Geeks and hackers may try to build a Second Internet.

8. Federer could be surpassed by Djoko.

9. Pakistan could face collapse in the 2020s.

10. The Origin of Species could be superseded by something like Microcosmos by Lynn Margulis, which came out way back in 1997.

bitcoin-2008262_960_720Bonus: In the future, every human may have access to a small supercomputer and a personal big power source. At that time a single universal blockchain cryptocurrency might become an inevitability. Till then Bitcoin is at the mercy of legislation. If all the countries ban Bitcoin, then it could become a powerful black currency. If all the countries officially recognize it, it could soar.

Post script…
Report card of the predictions made on June 7, 2019…

Prediction 1: Totally busted!!!
But if an old distracted bumbling politician who draws crowds of dozens can beat an active charismatic politician who draws thousands of lively supporters, then I will have to rethink how people elect their leaders in this new world. In November 2020 it seemed that Republicans had taken control of the Senate, but things changed drastically in January 2021.

(Trump soon after this was written made the Supreme Court majority 6-3 and didn’t have to get re-elected for that at least.)

Prediction 2
Modi did indeed scrap Article 370 and 35-A and is on course for 2024.

Prediction 3
China may decline post-Covid, but the jury is still out on that one.

Prediction 9
Pakistan’s implosion is being clearly seen into the 2020s.

This 18 December, 2018 blog also foretells why people the Global Establishment hate, like UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, come to power in the first place as also the fall of Palestine. 21 November, 2018

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  1. Hehehe, now that’s a toughie. Too many factors involved.

    But here goes…

    Modi has done DeMo and GST and has another 5 years, so obviously there will be ups and downs, but we are witnessing a period of continuous steady growth.

    Same thing will happen in America if Trump wins 2020. If a Democrat wins, the markets will crash in the long run.

    As for Europe, they have to decide whether they want Socialism-Immigration and dirty Brexit politics or they want stability.

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