Manmohan Singh and state of the nation musings 3…

His multiple choices …
a) First Manmohan Singh became Economist.
b) Second he became Bureaucrat.
c) Third he became Politician.
d) Finally he became “None of the Above”.

Q: What do you think of the Economy Problem?
Manmohan: Eco-No-My Problem!

The Great Depression has begun in India.
(It’s not just the economy stupid.
Every citizen is greatly depressed with Congress rule.)

In 2011, Congress entered quicksand.
Had they gracefully stayed still, they could have been saved.
But they have been pushing, screaming and kicking to go totally down under.

Citizen 1: There’s no evidence that he’s a politician.
Citizen 2: There’s no evidence that he’s an economist.
Citizen 3: There’s no evidence that he’s the Prime Minister!

Ship India is leaking and instead of plugging the holes, they are trying to plug the mouths of those pointing at the holes.

The 3 Ps of Sonia’s life are Party, Puppet and Pappu.

Like colleges have guest lecturers, India has a guest Prime Ministerial candidate.

The new Panchsheel of RTI…
1. Stall.
2. Refuse point blank.
3. Kill RTI activist.
4. Declare files missing.
5. Dilute with Amendment.

Manmohan Singh: The Father of Polinomics.
Half (Politicize economics)
+ Half (Economize politics)
= Zero.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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