Kejriwal’s Theatre of The Absurd continues…

Kejriwal: Paid media, paid media, paid media…
Q: Who paid for your private plane ride?
Kejriwal: Media paid.

Party of the TV by the TV for the TV in the TV across the TV inside the TV due to TV embrace the TV attack the TV live by TV die by TV.

A future jail scene…
Convict A: I’m a drug addict and one day I went too far.
Convict B: I’m a gambling addict and one day I went too far.
Kejriwal: I’m a media coverage addict and one day I went too far.

What if you went to a movie and saw 16 back-to-back item songs instead of the movie?
That sums up AAP’s existence till now.

Spot the difference…
Attend swearing-in ceremony by small private car.
Attend media ceremony by small private plane.

Kuch bhi kaho, the NaMo-Pappu-Kejru political campaign may be the most entertaining ever in Independent India’s history.

Mr Clean Rajiv: Bofors.
Mr Clean MMS: Scam buffet.
Mr Clean Antony: Defence scams-disasters.
Mr Clean Kejriwal: Anarchy-hypocrisy.
Clean is the new Dirty.

The AAP wanted to replace BJP as the alternative.
Instead it is replacing the Congress as the most hated.

Brilliant team…
Kejriwal & Co. for activism.
Journos Ashutosh-Shazia to ensure media coverage.
Lawyers Bharti-Bhushan to defend them in court.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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