AAP: The party with a difference…

Arrogance of Congress
+ Infighting of BJP
+ Violence of SP
+ Ego of Mayawati
+ Ideology of CPM
+ Nautanki of Laloo
+ Modus operandi of MNS

The ABC of Indian politics…
AAP. BJP. Congress.
Congress = Ruling party.
BJP = Principal opposition.
AAP = Famous without a reason.

If the AAP got one vote for every sound bite across hundreds of channels day in and day out, then Kejriwal would easily become Prime Minister.

Jo darr gaya,
samjho mar gaya.
—Gabbar Singh in Sholay 1975.
Jo dharna gaya,
samjho AAP mar gaya.
—Gabbar Kejriwal in Sholay 2014.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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