Stuck like a broken record…

Q: What are your strengths?
Kejriwal: These are the weaknesses of the other parties.

Q: Why should we vote for you?
Kejriwal: This is why you shouldn’t vote for the other parties.

Q: What are your ideas to improve India?
Kejriwal: This is how the other parties are destroying India.

Q: What are your ideas to improve the economy?
Kejriwal: Mukesh Ambani is controlling the economy through crony capitalism.

Q: What action will you take against Bharti?
Kejriwal: What action will the Centre take against Delhi Police?

Q: List your achievements in Delhi.
Kejriwal: Here is a list of corrupt political leaders throughout the great country.

Q: Why should we make you Prime Minister?
Kejriwal: This is why Narendra Modi should never be Prime Minister.

Q: What is your name?
Kejriwal: His name is Narendra Modi.

Q: What is your party’s name?
Kejriwal: BJP is a communal party.

© Sunil Rajguru

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