April 2009 Short Takes

Yusuf Pathan for Prime Minister. He can spin India out of any trouble and hit its enemies for a six.
Apr 30

In every democracy, people get the government they deserve. To hum sab bhale logo ne peechle janamo main kya kya paap kiye honge re!
Apr 30

Does the state of Pakistan come with a self-destruct button?
Apr 30

Kadam kadam badaye ja,
Chappal aur joote barsae ja,
Politicians ki band bajaye ja,
Ye corrupt hain politicians sab,
Tu politicians pe joote barsae ja…
Apr 29

Have you noticed, for our kids, we actually “buy” the “free gift”. The biscuit/noodles/Bournvita etc that comes with it becomes the “free gift”.
Apr 27

The debate is settled! The Shoe is mightier than both the Pen and the Sword.
Apr 26

Laaga Ungali Pe Daag…
Apr 23

My Voter ID name is Sunil Gajagun. Should I change my name to: Quick Gun GajaGun?
Apr 17

© Sunil Rajguru

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