Yet more Mera Pappu Mahaan musings…

He will definitely get the top job for the sake of symmetry.
1919: Congress President Motilal Nehru creates Dynasty.
2019: Congress President Rahul Gandhi destroys Dynasty.

Hit Hollywood film…
Last King of Scotland.
Hit Bollywood film on Pappu…
Last King of Congressland.
(Party will shut down after that)

BJP second in taking ‪#‎CongressMuktBharat‬ seriously.
First is Congress itself which keeps insisting on hurtling from one disaster to another.

This august house is full of adarsh people whom we should call ji.
This Agusta house is full of Adarsh people whom we should call 2G.

Nehru went back in time (even when there was no time) before the Big Bang and created the Universe.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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