The Kejri nautanki continues unabated…

Priceless logic!
I will hire a corrupt official.
If that corruption is investigated, I will call the PM a psychopath and call his FM corrupt.

Accept unconditionally that Kejri is a dishonest power hungry man who used the anti-corruption plank to grab power and everything makes sense.

2012: Alternative to aam parties.
2013: Alternative to Sheila.
2014: Alternative to Modi.
2015: Alternative to Mogambo.

#‎CowardKejriwal‬ attacks the honest, hugs a convict, aligns with the corruptest party, selects MLAs who’ve been arrested and FIRed.

The support that Delhi’s Glorified Mayor and Crown Prince of the Failed Party get is simply mind-blowing.
‪#‎LetParliamentWork‬ ‪#‎CowardKejriwal‬

Before hiring someone, Kejri should have checked his background: Anna.
Arre baba had you checked Kejri’s background before hiring him, ye din nahin aate!

Anna Hazare ranted against bad political parties so much but ended up adding one more to the system.

AAP makes its 123456th baseless allegation and will not follow it up because TV channels will give them great coverage.
‪#‎HitAndRun‬ ‪#‎AAPNautanki‬

Na khaoonga, na khaane doonga.
Na kaam karoonga, na kaam karne doonga.
Na corruption hataunga, na hataane doonga.
—Sri Sri Yugpurush.

Margdarshak Mandal from outside: YoYa, PrBh.
Virtual Chief Minister: Manish Sisodia.
Chief Activist and film critic: Sri Sri Yugpurush.

Sonia, Jaitley and Kejri are all darlings of the media.
If they all start fighting with each other then system overload ho jaayega.

At this rate Anna Hazare will launch August Kranti 2016 against Arvind Kejriwal.
Kiran Bedi could be the only consistent factor.

After August Kranti agitation…
Anna: Ye desh ke saath dhokhaghadi hua hai!
After ‪#‎CowardKejriwal‬’s latest theatrics…
Desh: Ye to hamaare saath dhokhaghadi hua hai!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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