The AAP dictionary…

Aaptopia: An imaginary island where everything in the AAP has reached absolute perfection whereas the rest of the world is 100% imperfect.

Aapocracy: A form of democracy which favours rule-breaking, vigilantism, dharnas and violent attacks on rivals.

Aaponomics: Oppose FDI, increase subsidies, threaten power companies, run down industrialists… anything to get in the news the economy be damned.

Aapolitics: A form of politics if the ruling government is corrupt, inept and venal, then support should be taken from the ruling party in order to attack the Opposition.

Aapinion polls: If the verdict of the aam aadmi suits you, follow it. If it doesn’t, then do what the hell you want.

Aaptard: The new Namotard, more brain-dead and more potent.

Aapportunism: The philosophy by which the party will grab whatever opportunity comes along their path no matter whether it suits their ideology or not.

Aappearances: As long as you are appearing on media on a regular basis, absolutely nothing else matters.

Aapper Class: Members of this class pretend to be Aam Aadmis but are actually Khaas Aadmis.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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