July 2011 Status Updates

∙ Here’s hoping that the English Lords find Trent a Bridge too far…

(July 29)

∙ Yeddy… (2008)
Steady… (2009)
Go… (2010)
Finally went! (2011)
(Note: UPA still “Steady” in 2011)

(July 28)

∙ Prayer for Kalmadi-type blokes…
Oh God forgive them for they remember not what they have done!

(July 25)

∙ The Congress has finally hit out strongly against terrorism!
(Key: Diggy Raja=Raja Harishchandra. RSS=Terrorists. Slap=Retaliatory Action.)

(July 18)

∙ Somewhere in Wonderland…
Alice Kingsley: I try to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
Somewhere in India…
Diggy Raja: I try to say as many as six impossible things before the last Press Conference.

(July 12)

∙ In Facebook, you can be a friend without really knowing a person.
You can have a 100 mutual friends despite being absolute strangers.
Like pen friends, what are we?
Mouse friends? Keyboard friends? News Feed friends? Wall friends? Status friends?

∙ Cabinet Reshuffle: DMK eyeing Minister of State for Home.
Reason: All its Ministers have left their Home State for Tihar Jail…
…and prisons come under the above-mentioned ministry.

∙ Emraan Hashmi movies look really good.
Fresh heroines, great songs and different plots.
I probably would have watched all of them had it not been for Emraan Hashmi.

(July 9)

∙ Foreign coach: Never give up on Hope!
First Indian athlete: Woh kya bola re? Accent gadbad hai.
Second Indian athlete: I think… Never give up on dope!

∙ Yesterday: India was a nation of no-hopers in Sports.
Today: It desperately wants to be a nation of no-dopers!

(July 8 )

∙ Trillion Rupee Babies…
Holy Wealth: Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Scam Maker: A Raja
Tax Evader: Hasan Ali
While temples are desi, for the rest, its Indo-Swiss bhai bhai!

(July 7)

∙ Lokpal to be renamed Netapal as it will end up protecting politicians instead of the people.
Corrupt log pal pal bach gaye!

∙ The only “natural” thing for Ghulam Nabi Azad and his government is men having shady deals with other men (MSDM). Any absence of that is a “disease” which has to be cured. Example, Anna Hazare.

(July 5)

∙ The Indian version of Waiting for Godot is Waiting for Lokpal.
Conceived in 1969, yet to be born even in 2011.
Veerappan and Prabhakaran were caught in lesser time.

∙ Like Google+ our politicians should launch a social networking site called Corruption+

(July 4)

∙ Novak is the Serbian word for new.
Djokovic means following after.
Looks like a “New” age of competition will “Follow after” the Federer-Nadal era of monotony.

(July 3)

∙ World cricket is a closed loop.
BCCI = Board of Control of Cricket in ICC.
ICC = India’s Cricket Council.

(July 1)

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