Where is the money?

In India, Black Money should be called Invisible Money.
Nobody has ever seen most of it…

2G Scam.
Kapil Sibal: There never was any money in the first place!

Harshad Mehta.
Income Tax Department: Where is the money?

Stockbrokers: Where is our money?

Fodder Scam.
Aisa hai bhayya, ki paisa ghaas charne gaya hai…

ICC’s Match-Fixing Department.
365 days a year: Where is the money?

A residence in 1996.
Sukh Ram: Where is my money? This is party money!

Congress: There never was any money!

Police: Where is the money?

I have no black money. All white money and most of it has been invested in infrastructure like statues and parks.

Hawala Scam.
There never was any money!

Swiss Banks India Chapter.
Ha ha ha ha ha! LOL! ROFL! ROFLMAOAAPMP!

© Sunil Rajguru

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