Telangana musings…

In school: 22 states, 173 countries, 18 Jupiter satellites, 9 planets.
Now: 29 States, 206 countries, 120 Jupiter satellites, 8 planets.
Bechara ek Pluto hi underachiever nikla.

Q: What about Telangana-AP’s water division?
A: Don’t worry, voter division has been done.

Telangana decision explained…
United we stand (to lose Lok Sabha seats).
Divided we fall (so low and yet pick up the new State’s seats).

Instructions to Congress top brass…
Governance gaya tel lene, jab ghar aana, Telangana hi le ki hi aana, bhale hi saare India ke statehood demands pe bhi tel lagana.

The Congress is putting a huge amount of votes in the Votebank.
But it should note that like banks, even Votebanks can crash.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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