Sinking Congressi musings…

Probably the only major Congress shake-up that Sonia wants to do is to make Pappu Senior Vice President and Pappini Junior Vice President.

Pappu: Should I put more fire into my political ambitions?
A: No, you should put your political ambitions in the fire!
#NatwarSingh #FireInTheBelly

After 1947, Congress won the first general election of every decade…
Winning streak broken in 2014.

After 16 years as Congress President, Sonia has delivered 44 seats.
If the Congress doesn’t get its act together, after 21 years she will have 21 seats.

Congress picks dead leader in poll panel.
What else can you expect from a dead party?

2004: Pappu prevents Sonia from becoming PM.
2009: Manmohan wins 2009.
Analysis: Pappu through his foresight won 2009 in 2004.

PMO files never sent to Sonia: Manmohan.
P.S. This answer was sent in a file to her and she okayed it.

2009: (Manmohan) Singh is King.
2014: (Natwar) Singh is King.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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